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25 minutes ago, Corsair said:

Lady C and I are getting ready to watch "The Ghost and the Darkness" really neat as we have both seen the maneaters at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago growing up.


Great movie!!!

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Finally watched Avengers: Endgame... What else was I supposed to do while letting my index finger on my offhand heal? 


... It was okay, had ups and downs, but a decent amount of good. I can definitely see why a lot commented they would have to process what happened in it... 

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After finishing season 2 of The Mandalorian, the final season of the Clone Wars series and Star Wars Rebels, I decided to go back and watch the prequel movies.  


The Phantom Menace is so bad.  The poor child actor just was not good, though he wasn't the only one.  I really wish they found him at an older age for several reasons.  I did enjoy parts of it though, particularly the villain's plot and machinations.  


Attack of the Clones is better, but not good.  The pacing is off and, once again, there is a lot of bad acting to go around.  I honestly didn't get Count Dooku's plot until this viewing.  I always wondered why he kicked off the clone production then denied it ever happened.  I finally get that he didn't want to win, he just wanted a war.  


The Clone Wars (the animated movie) is the best so far.  It has a pretty brutal war setting for Star Wars, at least to start and Asajj Ventress is a great character that I'm glad to see got some love here.  

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4 hours ago, Kuroneko said:
4 hours ago, Unit04 said:


No.  No I have not.  I shall assume it is spectacular.  


It's truly.....something. 


As is the rest of that film :ph34r:


He made me believe that he truly wanted Arnold to get him that Turbo-Man toy for Christmas.

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1 hour ago, Serenity said:

Let us know how they are.  I've never seen the extended versions.


Looooong... especially Return of the King. If you saw the original in the theater, and your bladder regretted buying the large soda when it came around to the protracted epilogue, you'll be glad you have a pause button this time.


Otherwise, some good scenes, and some that would really have added clarity to the story, were cut out from the theatrical release.

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