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Dungeon Breaker - The Latest in Small-Scale Battering Ram Technology!

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So we're starting a new Pathfinder game around 3rd level or so. The first mission the Local Crotchety Wise Sage is sending the party on, is to route a band of Evil Mercenaries ® who have gone into a local Ancient Location © and are trying to obtain/let loose/probably-both some ancient, possibly evil item or whatnot from its sealed depths.


The mercenaries don't get that the Door in the Depths (another TM) is magically sealed, so they are trying various means of busting through. Talk in the town is that they have commissioned a battering ram, larger and stronger than a portable ram, but smaller than a full-sized siege weapon, which they have maneuvered into the dungeon to take the door out.


I plan on working this thing into the Big Battle ® somehow - not sure yet exactly how - maybe the corridor can be on a slope and a baddie can roll it down at the PCs. In the meantime, I submit the thingy itself for your perusal, thrown together this weekend from basswood, styrene, jewelry chain, some other bits from Michaels, and, of course, the head of 03239: Krug on the front of the ram, and the heads from 77103: Nor'Okk balancing it on the back. (Smartly dressed Chaos Warriors shown for scale.)


In hindsight, I think I should have thrown some bronze or brass on there, but it'll do.





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