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A Very Doctory Christmas... With Lights!


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My nephew loved it! He's 17 so I know he'll take good care of it. He kept thanking me for it so I may have created a potential mini addict... lol! Thank you all for the kind words.


@Pingo:I'm still in shock at the speed I prepared this in. I'd love to go to bed, but I've got an art desk to assemble for my daughter as a present for her in the am.


I'd definitely have to say that this is the fastest and probably most technically difficult piece I've done. I would have loved to spend more time on both minis as the gradations were coming along very nice, but I had to force myself to stop on both of them in order to finish for tonight.


With that said, I wish I would have had more time to get the Tardis square. I probably need better tools and technique, but that will come with time. Also, there was a slight gap in the roof that allows some of the light to escape. Again, if I had more time to better engineer it. Still, I have another version of the 10th Doctor on back order, so I may revisit the TARDIS again. A friend of mine had a coworker who's a Who addict, so we may be doing another one of these in the near future.


For now, I've got to finish my YOTG project, then tackle Super Dungeon Explorer.... which doesn't seem near ad intimidating after this Whoovian project.



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That is seriously awesome. The basing is great, the minis look great, and the blue old lady looks like a nice TARDIS... plus you made somebody happy. What else can you ask for??


And thanks for the thanks... I was just glad to be able to offer a tip here and there.

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    • By Kharsin
      I need to start a WIP for this project so I'll stay motivated to finish it. This may be an entry for the 40mm+ category on the year long contest. We'll see how it turns out. Right now I'm just working on getting it done.
      We're working on 03680: Thornwood Defender and it's actually further along than this, but I'm currently killing time in a Starbucks waiting to take the kids to see Marvel Universe Live! In the meantime, enjoy the prime pics :)
      The Bee is mounted on piano wire as there's no real base to mount it on. I'm planning on the bee being on liftoff so the wire is extra long. It's kind of challenging to paint having a piece that size with only a wire to manipulate it with. I'm using medical gloves to handle it when necessary, but the vise is useless for anything other than holding it while it dries.

      The little gnome rider is well, little. He's currently done up in green sparkly armor, but those pics will have to come later!

      Thanks for checking out this project! See yall soon at reapercon!
    • By Kharsin
      So I've been under the weather for about a week or so with the crud and haven't painted the entire time. I didn't feel like pausing every 30 seconds or so to hack a lung up, or run to blow my nose, wash hands, etc. Basically, tonight was the first night I've felt up to painting so far in the New Year. Anyhoo, here's my entry for the "Bones" Beauty Pageant. I put bones in quotes as Cassie was the only model I have in my drawer 'o shame, and she's metal, so there's that. She's been sitting in said drawer for quite some time, as I believe that she was probably in my initial order of Reaper products...
      I'm cheating a bit with this one as I'm actually going to use a prefab base from... Um... forget the company right now but I'll have it when I get to that point. I normally just make bases, but I liked this one when I came across it at the FLGS.
      At any rate, here we go! A bit of brown liner to start. I haven't used BL for the last few models, but figured that I should with Cassie as she's so small:
      Next, skin basecoat and eyes... I'm gonna have to work on the left one eventually...

      Hair basecoat... I went with pink, of course! I had a female gnome something or other back when I played WOW, and she had pink hair. Aleighanna was her name.

      And here's where I stopped tonight.


      I've got a few fun things planned for this one. I hate that I'm wayyyyy behind as this was supposed to be the Month 'O the Little People for me, in that I was doing all dwarves, gnomes, etc. It looks like I may be only doing Cassie, but we'll see!
    • By Kharsin
      Okay everyone! I'm speed building a Dr.Who diorama for my Nephew for Christmas. Yes, it's in a few days and I'm way behind, so I'm looking at a few "most of the day" workdays to have this ready for, well, Christmas Eve Night! However, I'm not very familiar with the series at all, so I've been asking questions here and there about the 10th Doctor.
      At any rate, I've been using Willen's awesome diorama for a jump off point as it was such an amazing piece! He's also been helping me with reference as well, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH WILLEN! Here's a link to the Dr. Who diorama WIP he did for "Spaceship Superstar."
      So here's some crazily spaced photographs as I was more busy building than pic taking:
      This is what happened after I took a Dremel to the base.

      Here's the reason:

      I'm building this TARDIS up out of Matt Board as I'm still not overly sure exactly what plasticard that everyone uses actually is. The Matt Board was kind of a pain to cut, so I'm not sure if I'll use it again or no. The trick was getting everything to an approximate scale.

      Here's the TARDIS where it currently stands. I'm about to do some more work on it after lunch and go until I can't go anymore! Keep in mind I still have to paint the 10th Doctor as well as Rose....

      Inside view of TARDIS. I plan on adding an interior flashing light as well as a flashing beacon.

      Now the question I currently have (I'm sure there will be more and I'll totally appreciate the help!): I'm trying to find an appropriate scenario for this diorama. As I I've only seen a few episodes, let me ask if it would be appropriate to locate the scene in some crazy environment. I was originally going to do a modern street scene with brick pavers and everything, but I don't think I'm going to get this project finished if I go that route. Instead, I'm thinking of doing some sort of ancient ruin, maybe with an artifact or something in the scenery. Here's a mock-up I put together around 4am this morning after I finally quit. The TARDIS would be located in the center of the obvious square, and I'd probably mount a gold face on the triangular piece and put the Dr. and Rose somewhere in the scene. I'd put in additional detail via Milliput, sand, flowers, etc., and trim up the overlying bricks. Would this be acceptable? I try to get things right when I do things like this as I don't want to offend the fans by my ignorance. I suppose something like this would fall into the realm of "Fan Fiction Via Creative Something Or Other...." 
      Here's a pic of the mock-up:

      Any advice or ideas would greatly be appreciated! Thanks for reading!
    • By Kharsin
      Okay Ladies and Gents... It's time for Year of the Giants: Part Deaux, in which we finally give Kaya a place to hang her spear... or throw it, rather. At any rate, this is where I left off in October when I finished Kaya:

      And here's a post as to where I'm kind of at tonight. I've basically started hacking at the cork, staining my base (I can't help it, I love the look of stain. I do paint some bases black, but something about stain just finishes a lot of projects off for me, if it matches), and figuring out exactly where to put the beasty. 

      I'm just going to put a teaser pic up now as it's late and I don't feel like editing a lot of pics. Here ya go:

      Anyhoo, I'll probably be posting to this thread occasionally as I work out the kinks and figure out exactly what I'm doing. Thanks for checking it out!
    • By Kharsin
      Okay Reaperites.... Ermehgerd... I think I've gotten myself into a pickle! A big one at that! I'm a notoriously slow painter, and I like to think I do a pretty good job when I take my time. However....
      I heard about it. I saw it. I've been looking at it. I've seen what others have done with it (kind of) I couldn't pass it up when looking for a new game, and now it's here at a most un-opportune time... 

      And now I'm stuck with this....

      ^^^^ THIS! This is not what I need in my life right now with YOTG coming up.... ^^^^
      So... many... minis....         
      That's all I have to share. This thread will probably lay dormant for a while until I find some time in my December painting schedule to find a place to start with all of these! Sheesh! Talk about drawer 'o shame!
      If anyone has any advice to share (besides the quote about "eating an elephant") I'm all ears!
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