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Randomness 4: A New Hope

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Gallo people's! I'm having fun design's what mess autocorrect will make of did post. I be haven't way too much fun wind did.


In other news, got to see a brief video of my niece today! She is adorable and sleepy and squeaky. :wub:


Unrelated: I astonished my mother in law by eating two entire plates of dinner. Normally I eat like a bird, but I was super hungry, and it was this amazing Mexican pork salad tortilla thing with homemade salsa. I now feel like a RoundBoot, lol.



--OneBoot :D


I'm always confused when people say "eat like a bird".... relative to their body mass birds eat a LOT!

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As an aside its not raining today!  This is a change.  Its been raining lots this last week.


Now to wait for the lawn to drain so I can mow it (which it needs after the rain)

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