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A Two-Tone Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl

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This is awesome!  I love this piece, your style is so beautiful.  I love the urgency of your brush work.  The slashes of paint impart a lovely efect.

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Another gorgeous piece, Pingo. I'm amazed at the range of colors produced with just three paints: from the bright blues and oranges of (I assume) the pure colored pigments to that purpley-gray sword. If I might make a slight criticism, however, the face seems to get lost. My eyes are drawn to the bright white and orange-browns of his decorative teeth and skulls, while the face is somewhat hidden in a sea of icy blue. I'm not really sure what the solution would be. Your Svetlana had that mask done in warm colors to draw the eye, but Boerogg doesn't have anything like that to take advantage of.


Regardless, this is masterfully done. The face itself is particularly gorgeous and expressive, so it's a shame it's not as much of a visual focus-point as it could be. As I said in the other thread, the eyes are spectacular.

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Again, the way you paint is so delightfully different to the usual approach (no criticism of the usual implied, either). I dub it "unabashedly painted"! Thankyou, thankyou everybody, you can use that for half my usual fee.


I actually like this guy even better than the giantess. The sketchy, energetic look identified by Dontfear really works well with this aggressive looking piece.89i <- the new cat doesn't understand the rules about keyboards.


So yeah, it's got a real "premium comicbook cover" feel to it that I think is extra cool in its own right. And the switch between YARRRRHHHPAINTPAINTPAINTPAINT* and the precise, intense blue of the decorative elements is candy for the old visual cortex, I really like that.



*And I mean that with full respect to your obvious skill and precision, displayed throughout; it just has a such a full-bore, open-throttle look to it that I find unusual and striking.

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