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Rather than just making one thread about these once I get them done I figured I'd take a few pictures along the way.


So what am I starting with? There is one set of 5 Peacekeepers, those are the big chunky power armors, and two sets of enforcers. I also have one bag of conversion bits for the light enforcers.


so these are the sprues:




one one side of each of the torso and leg sprues there are letters A-E each set of legs only really fits well on one body so you only have 5 poses for the body and legs unless you feel like doing some cutting and converting. There were no instructions with these, and I didn't notice the letters until after I started assembling so some of my enforcers are doing some weird stuff with their legs.



So these three have their legs on, but not their heads and arms. The arms are fairly free form, there are some rifles and heavy weapons that use two hands but since there's no labels on those I'm guessing at which goes to which anyway. Also the heads all need some minor conversion, because they are all fairly hunchbacked unless you drill out the neck hole to extend it back.



These two are both built. I have drilled out the neck so now they can stand upright. The one has a pistol and a power fist the other is a silly flamethrower and a wrist knife, because there is only one left hand for heavy weapons per sprue, and I am using it on the machinegun/laser thing.



Finally we have a peace keeper. I really like these things, the connections are nice and clean, and there are a bunch of interesting arms. The only problem is I need to go buy more bases before I can assemble the other four.



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Just a little update.



The three headless minis have been built one with a heavy weapon, one with a rifle, and one converted to have a heavy shield and a rifle.


Next a couple of height comparison shots.


a PVC peacekeeper captain from wave 1 of deadzone, the plastic peace keeper, and a GW chaos terminator


Infinity Mobile Brigada, plastic Peacekeeper, plastic Enforcer, and Sir Forescale. 


Next up is to prime and paint this group of 6. The Peacekeeper will be blue/grey with red highlights. The Enforcers are getting Cerberus colors to match their PVC brothers.

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So are the shields part of the Peacekeeper sprue or the Enforcers?


I think they're on the Peacekeeper sprue, but want to be sure.



They are on the Peacekeeper sprue, but the forearm is close enough in size that with a little bit of tinkering you can fit it on to one of the rifle left arms.


There are also some PVC ones that had come with what looks like either a Doctor or Lieutenant special character. The peacekeeper ones are wider and I like them better.

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I really like the take on power armour for the Deadzone figures. I also like the Plague concept and models. I'm very happy with everything I've gotten assembled so far. I look forward to seeing you paint these guys up!



(I am very mehh on the "yet another future dystopia" background, especially one that ends up sounding like "Middle Class Whinging / Occupy 40,000")

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I really like the take on power armour for the Deadzone figures. I also like the Plague concept and models. I'm very happy with everything I've gotten assembled so far. I look forward to seeing you paint these guys up!



(I am very mehh on the "yet another future dystopia" background, especially one that ends up sounding like "Middle Class Whinging / Occupy 40,000")


I kind of think of their setting as Deadspace, starring the slowest exec from Weyland Yutani. 


The good news is that the figures are basic enough that they work nicely for other stuff, there's a reason why mine are painted as Cerberus troops.

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Just a little update.

all the minis are now built, for the enforcers there are 5 with shields, 3 made with the PVC extra bits, 2 using peacekeeper shields, 2 have pvc shotguns, one of which needs a bit to coverup a damaged pauldron. There is one flame thrower, and one heavy gun, one basic rifleman, one pistol and fist, and one guy with more weapons than he has hands.


For the peacekeepers I was a little less silly with conversions, 3 riflemen, one shield + heavy gun, one flame thrower.


In other news, I have learned that vallejo surface primer, works better as a brush on primer if you mix in 1 drop of a reaper paint. seems to reduce the formation of bubbles, and pooling. so that's cool.







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I looked on Mantics site, so these aren't available to the public yet?

I saw the Enforcers, but they are a "sprueless plastic" (I'm assuming a type of restic).

I think they are still sending out kickstarter pledges of these. So they'll probably pop up in a month or two. The sprueless plastic, is PVC I think. it is similar to what privateer and sedition wars use.


The enforcer troop booster, is what the plastic enforcers replace, and I would recommend waiting for the plastic since they give you a lot more options, and cleaner sculpts. 


If you wanted to start on some while you wait, you'd probably want the enforcer specialist booster, or heroes, since there is no direct equivalency between those

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    • By Maledrakh
      The Plague affects not only humans, but most animals and many alien sentient races.
      Such as the hitech DinoTurtle-like Teraton.
      The Teraton females are significantly larger than the males, and when infected by the Plague, she grows partially into and partially busting out of her armour, while remaining more or less her normal size.
      These 2nd generation Teratons retain most of their intelligence and function as leaders on the field of battle. I like to call them Terrortons.





      Because they are terrifying and weigh a ton!
      While at the same time being well ‘ard and quite imposing on the battlefield. They are about the same size as a 1st gen, but not quite as powerful. They are good as secondary leaders and can provide some hard muscle in smaller games where the 1st gen is too costly to bring.
      The Terrorton is made in restic and I have mounted it on a 50mm base, like the 1st gen.
      Plague Teraton
      for the Plague faction, Warpath and Deadzone games.
      by Mantic Entertainmant
      made in restic PVC
      50mm base
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      The imposing 1st generation plague victim. What happens is that the first person to get infected by the Plague in a given cycle, turns into a horrendous monstrosity, growing several metres in height and width, it’s new massively muscled frame covered in a bio-organic spiky exoarmour. In it’s new form it is extremely intelligent and powerful individual that sets out find others to infect. These new victims turn into the 2nd generations, each much smaller than the 1st gen, but still ogre-sized. These again infect the 3rd gens that we have seen. The 1st and 2nd gens do not use technology or weapons, relying on their rock hard exoarmour and brutally strong claws to do the dirty work.
      I found that for some reason, I had started but not finished painting my 1st gens.
      Two complete repaints later:

      The one to the left is the restic standard 1st gen model. The one to the right is a resin kickstarter exclusive freebie for those who spent an obscene amount of cash on the first KS. (of which I remain guilty as charged…)
      One of the resin mini’s fingers had broken off during storage. That’s what happens when it is put loose in a box with other minis, and that box is part of an avalanche in the Mountains of Minis. (At that point I might have said a bad word.)
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      The resin one is slightly larger than the restic one. I believe the restic shrinks a bit more during casting.

      They are painted much the same way as the other plague models I recently have painted:
      Reddish-Brown basecoats, several careful drybrushes with shades of beige and skin, globbing on a generous wash with citadel druuchi violet ink and some carroburg crimson ink in places while the violet is still wet. Two thin coats, pah! Glob it on I say! take care to not let it puddle too much though.
      When dry, drybrush again with several skintones. Some more carroburg crimson here and there for muscle-effect.
      Dot in the eyes and teeth in white over black. red for the tongues.
      I mounted them on 50mm lipped round bases I had lying about. Looks much better than the 40mm flats they came supplied with.
      Plague 1st generations
      for Deadzone and Warpath.
      by Mantic Entertainment
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      Leo Gon, renamed Leonado is the master, strong and wise beyond his years wielding ancient blades as well as a Tengokon Tech compact sniper rifle (or rifle depending on mission loadouts) and his stealth leads TMNT to succeed in many campaigns.
      Rafe Gon aka Raphael, master of sai and ustilising a sniper rifle stolen fro their first foray into life of a ninja warrior. Whilst his temper may get best of him outside the battle, on missions he is calm and able to best many a foe often by taking out key members of the opposition.
      More to come thoughts welcome

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