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Blending, Blending, Blending,

Add Highlight, add another highlight.. raise highlight !

Blending, Blending, Blend!







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I like how the purple has become more of an old style imperial purple, more pinkish, as used by the Romans onward, and less the modern bluish purple.

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I like how the purple has become more of an old style imperial purple, more pinkish, as used by the Romans onward, and less the modern bluish purple.

Thanks Pingo;

Recovering a palette is really difficult for me.

Once I got that purple I knew it had turned the corner !

Now I am going through cleanups, and was being nagged to death by that horse.

I think I got it sculpted with shadows and highlights now where I'm happy with it !

Beginning to look much much better in my thinking.

Even corrected the horses eyes.





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This Miniature has been a "learner"..since it has been two weeks of an uphill slog

with it.  The shift in palette, the change in mood, my dislike of the horse sculpt, and it's over

all pose just did NOT agree with me (Hope I hid that well enough).  About 25 % into it, I decided I

really didn't like it !  I had started it, and it was going to be done (I don't have a shelf of shame,

and I want to keep it that way).  I do have a box of "meh" though.  I am happy with some of the things on here,

if nothing else, just turning it around made a very very good learning experience for me.  Even mistakes are learning;

so I'll just say I learned a lot on Galahad on Horse.

Here are some photos of what I am calling finished now.







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