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    • By lexomatic
      Link to the WIP here.
      I'm calling it done, because he needs to be playable Tuesday and the raccoon eyes aren't getting better in my temporary setup.

    • By lexomatic
      This is my 2nd character for a 5e play of pathfinder adventure Curse of the Crimson Throne. He is Corliss Stolo, paladin of the crown (state of Korvosa) . Think Dudley Do-Right.
      This is mostly base coats with some shadows. I havent figured out what color for the leathers or his hair.
      1 He has adamantine chain, painted with nightmare black, denim blue, ashen blue, frost blue and a little interference blue.
      2 Base for cloak is rust brown
      3 Base for shield is weathered stone/creamy ivory.
      4 Base for other metals is rainy grey
      5 Primed with grey and yellow stylneryz primer
      Painted during the most recent Game of Thrones episode.

    • By kitchen_wolf
      Every Dungeon and town square needs statues.  And some of us don't have all day (or a deep enough silverware drawer) to spend on each one.  I don't have a use for a lady carting around several hundredweight of Draconic Head Cheese, but the sculpt's just too nifty to leave in the box of shame.  So, a commemorative statue of Lady Janan of Elmoria it is.
      77039: Janan, Female Dragon Slayer by Julie Guthrie
      Just so we all know where we're starting.
      Start with a Dark brown basecoat.  This one's raw umber, but Reaper's beloved brown liner will work a treat.
      Drybrush with just about any relatively opaque light blue.  This will look terrible.  Just go with it.  If you really loved this figure it wouldn't be getting turned into terrain.
      Draw the rest of the owl.  A glaze of something seafoam green and somewhat translucent.  This is something called "Bayberry" in Folkart's catalog.  Seal with your favorite flat acrylic.  Now I've just got to build a fountain to stick her in.
    • By Crowley
      So after giving  a good scrub with warm soapy water, gluing him to a base, and base coating with Brown Liner, I drybrushed his armor with shadowed steel, painted his eyes, blocked in face, and hair, and then went to town with the cloak and shield. 
      The shield is Dragon Bronze as the base, and the greens and blues are blends of Oceanic Blue, Viper Green, and Linen White and Pure Black. 


    • By jaryth000
      My group decided to start up a new 5e campaign. We just hit Level 2 and I realized we where still playing with (my) unpainted miniatures, so I offered to paint them for everyone.
      They're a little below what I would normally put in, but I did all 5 in a single sitting, and they are fine for tabletop play quality, so I'm happy.
      My largest complaint I guess, is that I apparently ran out of my trusty Testors Dullcote, so with just the Liquitex Matte Varnish I had put on, they still have much too much sheen for my tastes. But I can fix that once I have a chance to pick up more dullcote.
      Given the above information in hand, I would love feedback on these none the less. No attempts at shading or layering where attempted on these, just basecoats, wash and a bit of drybrushing.





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