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This is so much fun on so many levels! I love building with Hurst molds, and this reminds me I need to purchase a few more to build a castle with my daughter. Your painting of multiple characters makes me feel lazy with my entry! Lol! I love the Giants, the gnomes,the battered wall, everything! I'm not sure I could pull something off on this scale as I would fuss over every little detail and never finsh. You however have done a stellar job and have a wonderful piece to show for it. Now the question remains: where are you going to store this? Lol!

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Store....hmmm.  Umm, maybe on top of that bookshelf might be deep enough.  I hope.  Now I have to figure out where to put the crap up there now...


As requested, a couple of close-ups of Kyra, as well as a few shots of details I didn't have good shots of from the first time around.





Here is the dead gnome, with some of the bits of her artillery piece.






A front shot of the Gnome Knight





And one of the Gnome Warrior






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