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Getting to Know Each Other -- January 2015

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Saw 124 species of birds in a single day in Minnesota with my friend Daren and his dad.




Climbed to the top of one of the Burren hills in Western Ireland with my two boys.






Fenced numerous bouts with Olympic fencer (and friend) Susie Scanlan.

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You did what?  With whom?


I rented a car to an individual when I worked at San Diego Airport.

In the midst of rental (the 6.5 at least) Gentleman had his knuckles on the desk in front of me.

I taped the square-ish diamond rings on his fingers with the pencil eraser and said "

Do these large rings have a significance" ???

He said "you don't pay attention to football do You.

I said "Nope"..


My co-workers almost died, I had rented a vehicle to Rosie Grier...


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I once teleported into the left ventricle of a huge ancient red dragon, while my friends pointed and laughed. I died, but they didn't get any XP.


Who's laughing now, Frank? Who's laughing now?

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