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Getting to Know Each Other -- January 2015

Froggy the Great

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Question for January 30:


How do you live with it?


Sometimes, I cry... no ball, on the way home.

I turn into the big stone man-made canyon that the highways and biways carve out from the limestone bedrock, surrounding me on all sides, and the tears roll down my face. Not the safest thing to do, but something, a song, a memory, some words I remember saying, or remember hearing, and my brain finally has had a chance to slow down, and fully appreciate the meaning and significance of the days events, and I am proud, and thankful, and humbled that people have allowed me into their lives and accepted what (sometimes meager) things I can offer, and often they have even thanked me for it, even though in many ways, I was the bearer of death and ill omens. 

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