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Decided to start on my Counterblast! figs in the new year, and I know there are some others on the forums here that were in on that kickstarter, so figured I'd start and open topic.


I went in for the Ultonium level and got one of each starter set.





That's a good sized pile o' figs....

I'm planning to start with the Mekkus.  Let's open those bags and take a look.





Ummmm, hmmm.   I need to go sort out what belongs with what I think....


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Hmm, had thought I'd posted the picture of the Defender #1 after I sorted out which bits were for it and primed it.


Ah well, here's the pic.




I plan to paint the Mekkus at home, so it'll be getting some attention once my D&D Gnome is finished.



And I've decided I'd do the Lancers at work (since most of them are single piece figures) after I finish Balto.  I've got the first two primed and ready to go as soon as I decide on some colours.




These guys should be a blast to paint!


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Hmmm, not sure what happened the other day.  My post of the Defender vanished (or never posted, could have been my internet I guess).

But I'd also posted a pic of my first "finished" figure of 2015.  Of course all I had to do was base him (and I did a very quick simple one), the rest was painted last year some time.


Anyway, here he is.




BdE bot.


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Started some base coating on the Lancers today while waiting for washes to dry on Balto.




Trying out some colours.  Kind of want to do olive as a colour to tie them all together.  Going for the classic bomber jacket for this guy.  And since he's a low level mook, wen't for the red shirt....

Skin is starting with pumpkin orange, which I keep using for everything...




This guy (isn't he an awesome fig?) just got a bit of colour where it was already going on the the Illyrian.









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Oh dear, 15 mm?  A new line?  Game?


More work on the Illyrian today (still haven't picked out new greys for the Lanceguard).




I'm pretty happy with how he's coming along.  R-touched up the eye, did a wash and highlights on the olive, did highlights on the black, and did a wash on the jacket.

Still need to highlight the jacket, do the metal bits on his knees and boots )and belt buckle, and then do the gun.  And of course the base, I'll keep simple since it's a gaming piece.



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Hey Jasper, I am thinking since yesterday... with that huge an eye, why not be brave and use a thin wash to shade it like an actual ball (along the lower lip, I mean)?


I think it would help it be more 3D and less flat, for such a focal point of the mini. I would use a very dilluted desaturated red...

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Hmmm, I may try that for the next one (I have a few Illyrians) but I want to get this guy finished up on Friday (which is the next chance I'll have to paint).  I don't want to try something like that with him this close to finished in case I create too much work to do messing it up.


I did try the little reflection dot today, does it look to be in about the right spot?




I also highlighted the jacket and worked on the gun.  I like most of it, but want to change the bright green side bits.  I'm thinking maybe diagonal strips as if it was showing the power level, or something like that.  Otherwise maybe a metal accent there,  





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The white spot looks right to me.


For the green on the gun, do you have a light, bright neon-like green? I am thinking diagonal solid line on that green, if the color is brighter enough, would give it kinda a glow. Alternatively, if you have a green ink, white lines and a green ink wash!

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Started feeling kind of crappy yesterday, so I did a little work on the Illyrian and brought him home with me last night.




Went with something fairly simple with the gun, as I had a bit of a headache.


I got most of the simple basing done last night, with just a quick drybrush left to do.

Seems it was for the best as I woke up with a fever this morning (my wife's been sick for two days now, so not overly surprising).


I did a few finishing touches once the Tylenol kicked in and he's been posted to show-off now, along with the BdE Bot I finished a bit ago.


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