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Resolutionary Painting Challenge! Chatter/Info Thread


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Had this in the wrong thread.  soorry forum monitors...


only got the four done so far Im afraid.  Had to clean the basement work area.  Too Many Boxes!  reorgainized and discovered that since bones 1 came out i have done 72 bones minis from the vampire box and 15 big specials by a process of elimination. 


Also putting together a planned entry for the big contest this year so thats taking up a lot of time to prep.  Oh well maybe i can finish the snail cartographer or the Chibi chinese dragon before the months out.  have to get ahead, i have a lot of travel planned next month.


I can say that in the coming months you will see progress on a modified "Dragon's don't Share".  I needed new wings and after I got them it took almost a year before I was willing to cut into the mini to set them.  If I don't feel so tired today, maybe I will start the WIP to show what I am doing.

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Why afraid you only got 4 done? that's the requirement for the month for the challenge, I think you're doing quite well then.


Because I am going to be travelling a lot next month and need to work hard to achieve next month.  also, I work for a large corporation and meeting the minimum requirements is NOT the acceptable alternative for the upwardly mobile engineer.  ::D:

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Alright I think this is a great thread.  It should move to the top of the heap more often!  I think everyones work has been great so far.

A stroke of brilliance on NZ's part. Way to go NZ! I'll have to admit, I was expecting participation, just not this much of it. I agree, everyones work has been fantastic.



I bettter get my 4th figure painted...

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