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Resolutionary Painting Challenge! Chatter/Info Thread


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No. It was ruled some could be rolled. The ruling was because some people have to travel on business. The goal is 4 per month, but if you happen to be short you can call upon the extra to fill in the gap. Or it would be vastly unfair for those who have to travel if they want to pay their bills.


Edit: Still a good idea to try for the four and only use the extra if you have to do RL

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Hmm, 1 more to go....


I don't remember, or maybe I didn't see the answer...anyway if I do extra this month, does it carry over?



I don't think that was part of it per se. Hey if you go above and beyond, more power to ya. The idea is a continuous challenge for continued motivation


Not a big deal, really. I may have misunderstood.

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I finally finished my paint work on the butcher unleashed and his war dogs(well technically the dogs have been done waiting on him). Now on to base work hopefully the humidity drops so I can seal them before applying the snow to their bases.


I am quite proud I managed 5 minis this month, hopefully I can continue to meet the minimum. Next month has a few dark sword minis on the table so it will be harder.

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Meh, only 1 so far, but that could be pumped up to 9 when I get my dio done!

Better get a move on!

Don't hurry me, perfection takes time!  ::P:

And I get to quote another pithy engineering saying: perfection is the opposite of done! :p



Or don't throw out the good in pursuit of the perfect!

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[MOD]Please use the full SKU and name of Reaper minis in the titles of your Show Off threads, per forum guidelines. You can find this information on the blister card or in the online store. I also like to give credit to the sculptor in a tag, so people can find their favorites.


We have a high volume of posts generated from this challenge, which is great! But it's also creating a lot of work for the mods. Ladystorm has already urged folks to comply with these guidelines.[/MOD]


I've added this information to the original post. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. We love seeing all these wonderfully painted minis, but I'm getting tired of writing the same thing in messages to everyone :)

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