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Resolutionary Painting Challenge! Chatter/Info Thread


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 I'm about 90% sure I'm out for January... I started too late in the month, got way more complex with my projects than originally intended (three of the four were conversions and two of them have hand-sculpted bases, lol), and then decided to waste time by adding a fifth, unrelated project to the queue...

With three days left I have one finished, one about three-quarters done, another half done and one a quarter done... :wacko:


 I've decided my personal resolution is to see how many months out of the year I actually manage to reach the goal of four minis.

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I should also mention that I will not have the tally up immediately when January (or any month really) ends. I need to get a bead on making sure I got all the names, and got the counts accurate. This is actually far larger than I expected which is awesome!

Spreadsheet? With names and months organized on ti for whether or not totals were hit?

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I figured I might as well help since I kinda encouraged this to happen. 


Once I finish the cross-reference I should know where people stand on number painted this month


Cross-Reference done. Only a few people are short or have not reported any painting at all

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