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Resolutionary Painting Challenge! Chatter/Info Thread


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Dang it Marsya. Now I want a kirin mini. I blame you for this fully

They are super cute and fairly simple to paint. I love how many different colors would look great on them. And better yet they come in a two pack.

I'll add them to my growing wishlist. It does not help I like kirin and always kinda wanted a mini of one

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Thinking about this.  Any thoughts or suggestions?


Fantasy Scooby Gang





Shag and Scoob- Cullen and Ash, Ranger and Wolf

Fred- Sir William the Peacemaker

Daphne- Princess Elena

Velma- Townsfolk Madam

Mystery Machine- Pack Donkey

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Alright slacking a little this monthbon quality difficult pieces. I had a nice goal at the beginning but decided to do some easy ones and get them out of the way so I could better focus on my spring exchange mini. Still going to try to finish some goblins since I am using them in my game right now but to get done quick I did the Brass Bull (Bronze Bull?), the Stone Golem and tonight I am going to knock out the Steel Golem. I did also build a dmginfo book shelf.

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These are the figures I finally decided on for the Fantasy Scooby Gang.  Ordered them this morning.  Hope to have them painted by 4/15.




Daphne- Tinley, Female Wizard

Fred- Sir Aidin, Ivy Crown

Scooby- Guard Dog

Shaggy- Torin The Stealthy

Velma- Townsfolk III, Madam

Mystery Machine- Pack Donkey


I ordered some other figs and things to go with them as well.  I hope it turns out ok.


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Found these figures while searching for the Scooby Gang.

They're from Hasslefree Miniatures in the U.K.


Posting this just for fun.




I also got a few more painted this weekend.


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