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Resolutionary Painting Challenge! Chatter/Info Thread


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Did two fuzzy beasties today - but one needs a basing still. 

2 more fuzzy beasties are primed - I assuming nothing gets in the way ill finish it all out tomorrow. 

except for the Spring Exchange mini - its not going to make the cut this month. 

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I know that feeling Mad Jack.  and the one where you want to paint but just don't have the energy of fall asleep at the paint desk... 


But relax.  its supposed to be fun and a hobby, right?  I say that every time I look at my new cabbing machine I haven't used in weeks due to a sore hip.

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failed for march, but might be able to make it up next month... hope so, because this pile of unpainted stuff seems to keep multiplying somehow...


Is that how we decided this works?  If you fail at a month, get going again and paint MOAR next month?


[That'd mean nine for April in my case.....I got nowhere in March.]

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