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Resolutionary Painting Challenge! Chatter/Info Thread


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What is the scoring, annotation, and posting / recording method? How will it accumulate in the forums?


How many wip threads?

How many showoff threads?

Is the plan, one massive thread used by all participants, like a Play-by-Post adventure thread? ( :huh: a Post-as-Painted thread ?)


One for each participator...

One for each miniature...

One thread for everyone / all the minis?

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Maybe one official thread...for the whole thing. I think that it's easier to put a post of separation in too. How exchange minis work I'm not sure yet. But most seem to like the monthly idea.

So it is 4 a month? 48 total?

4 per month except 5 per month months? 50 total?

If someone paints a bunch, a batch, a unit, presumably they just post them one at a time? Or can you get ahead?


I kinda like 4 per month 48 total.

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I'll also throw my boot into the ring and give this a try. It's not lack of desire that killed me last year, it was the lack of deadlines! I work best under pressure, lol, so this should be good for me. :)


I also like the monthly quota, though I shall personally strive for at least 1/week.



--OneBoot :D

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I like the idea of one major thread for conversation (maybe even WIP posts), and one Show-Off style thread for each month.


Maybe we could encourage people to take a group shot for the year (like is currently in the Show Off section).

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