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And for those of you who like this kind of thing, here’s my character's backstory. For many, I guess fantasy pirates means a Pirates of the Caribbean-type of thing, but I think foremost of Robert E Howard and his tales of Conan as a reaver of the seas. I therefore thematically tried to shoot for a character that could fit in a Howard story, with a little Lovecraft thrown in.  


"Thula grew up in a primitive tribal society deep in the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse. His birth coincided with a lunar eclipse, which was seen as a dark omen, and from that day the tribe’s witch doctor always looked askance at him. The truth, however, was that the witch doctor lusted for Thula’s mother, but she had rejected him and instead taken one of the tribal hunters as man.


When Thula was still a youth the tribe was stricken by a terrible plague. As more and more people succumbed, the situation became increasingly desperate, and the witch doctor stood powerless. Finally, the old man’s beady, malicious eyes settled on Thula. The witch doctor naturally had the ear of the chieftain, and it was swiftly decided that it was the young ill-omened man who was the cause of the evil. Thula was bound with rope, weighted down with stone, and cast into a deep, water-filled chasm. To the sound of his mother’s desperate cries he broke the surface, and sank. Deep down he was drawn, to a place where light did not reach and the water was icy cold. But he did not die. In a dreaming state he lay, and out of the darkness something whispered. Time seemed to have halted.


Suddenly he perceived light again, the ropes that had bound him had rotted away and he was ascending. With a gasp he heaved himself out of the water and collapsed on stone warmed by the sun. When finally he opened his eyes standing in front of him was a scorpion. It whispered to him, and it seemed the strange voice was akin to the one he had so long listened to in the deep. When Thula finally explored the surroundings he found his village taken over by the jungle, and of his tribe only yellowed bones remained, testament to the fact that they had long ago been wiped out by the plague. It was clear that many years had passed while Thula was in the water.


Since that day a few years have gone by, and Thula has under the scorpions guidance learned to wield mysterious powers. He has wandered, and his feet have taken him west, towards the great ocean of which he has heard tell. Without understanding it he feels that’s where his destiny awaits him, perhaps down in the watery deeps where time seems to pass differently than in the sunlit world. And so, one day, he walks out of the jungle and beholds the sea. And there, down by the shore, a city of civilized men; Port Peril…"



(There are several features and options of the Witch class which I’ve tried to weave into the backstory here. One of Thula’s Hexes (basically at-will powers) is Water Lung – he can basically breath water, and even sleep under water (we all know you can’t drown a witch). His Familiar is of course a scorpion, and his Patron, the unknown entity which through his familiar grants him spells, is Time. One of his campaign traits is Touched by the Sea.)

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Thank you for your words of kindness!


Looks great!  Especially given as how Tre's models are so much smaller in proportion to other lines.


Yup, he's petite alright. Scale-wise, I don't mind it on this guy, though, I think it fits him to be a gaunt, withered little bastard. ::):

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An amazing paint job and fantastic backstory! Because of the amazing brush work you've set yourself up for some critical analysis. The orb is fantastic and really does glow; this green is sharply contrasted by the complimentary red which you richly outlaid on the 'skirt'. Well executed and very pleasing to the eye. The gold you used just further enhances the color scheme.


The one place I think you hurt yourself was the skin tone. The skin tone has an eerie muted feel to it that hints at the sinister past of this witch; this is however disharmoniously contrasted against the vibrant and rich tones of the skirt. The flask on the back of his hip also has the same muted quality which stands out awkwardly against the richness and vibrancy you achieved with the orb.


This is fantastic work! I hope the critical analysis isn't too much, or out of bounds.

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Your creation is FANTASTIC...BEAUTIFULLY painted & based. The selection of colors is OUTSTANDING & adds to the sinister aspect of the mini.. VERY WELL DONE!

AND your background material is as FINELY crafted as your miniature. 

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Adrift covered the feedback, I'll just say it looks awesome! The green orb is making me second guess how I was going to paint mine (he's in WIP limbo...waiting on me painting the green orb ala Heavy Metal). Scale/proportion-wise, he's slightly smaller proportioned than the new Infinity human males, about the same height. So Tre really nailed the gauntness of the model on this one.


Nice job on one of my favorite minis!

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