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First NMM on first metal mini - 03226: Parway Ambercane

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I am fairly certain this is the first metal mini I've ever painted, and I figured it would be a good time to try my hand at NMM. It's based on the recipes and instructions from the old LTPK3, though I didn't have some of the paints from the kit and had to do a little extra mixing. I'm... not super thrilled with the NMM, though I think it actually looks better in these photos than it does in hand. The sickle looks especially sloppy, since it's the largest metal object and also has the most complex shape. So I'm specifically looking for NMM tips here, though I'd be happy to hear other critiques while I'm still working on him. I do think I made things hard on myself by choosing something with just small metal objects, rather than large areas to help sell the illusion.
Parway himself is pretty much done, aside from the NMM, so I just need to do the frog and the staff after I get the NMM to my liking. I'm particularly proud of his face and skin, which I think are some of the best I've ever done.

NMM to look for: left bracer, earring, sickle, coins on staff (pictured separately and really huge for some reason), button on bag. Photos aren't the best, but they're good enough for WIP I think.


EDIT: Just realized I posted the same photo twice. Fixed!

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Could you pick a tougher shape? I tried to sketch the sickle out and I got nothing, man.


I would start looking for references, if you could find a sickle that would be best, because trying to find one in the right position is tough. Best I could dig up on a quick search is this:




One thing about nmm that sticks with me is something a hot rod airbrush guy said in a demo for chrome lettering: light flows on metal like water. Notice how it pools in the curve?


So just shoot for something like that, and let the rule of cool guide you. If it looks cool, it's done correctly!

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I thought one of the points of NMM was that it was supposed to look better in photographs than in the hand.


That is, it was developed as a virtuoso technique to increase the illusion of shiny metals in photographs specifically.


Anyhow, that certainly is a challenging mini to try it on. That the highlights are so high looks very good, but I would bring some serious darks into that sickle.

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