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CAV Bones: Tiamat / Cougar / Assassin / Wight / Specter / Razor / Halberd / Hercules Dropship


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I like the Blue color scheme the best.  Overall they are well done and I agree on the "running" pose not looking quiet right.


The drop ship is also great and the details/dusting/shading on it worked out nicely.


The only suggestion I have is a bit higher highlights,off edges and corners and  especially in the canopies as they tend to reflect more light (in theory). Possibly a smidgeon of white in a corner to show that light bouncing off.

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Great C.A.V.'s.  It's nice to see some examples of the little tin cans, as it is one of my painting goals this year.  Though your quickest work, I'm a fan of your Halberd.  Yes, I  will pilot it for you if you need.  That is a cool and easy way to make a Dropship.  Where did you stumble across it.  But all said and done, and as pretty as they are, you wont catch this pilot in no purple mecha, unless its deep royal purple, ooh, or maybe a lavender, no, o.k. maybe maroon.

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Oh it just occurred to me, the running Wight looks off because it's center of gravity is behind it's contact foot.  To move that kind of tonnage down the road, the center of mass needs to be directly above or in front of the points of contact by the feet, otherwise it will fall over backwards.  We can compensate when running and walking by swinging our arm.  Can't do that and shoot at the same time in the average C.A.V.  I imagine these megaton beasts doing a controlled fall forward, countered by a place foot to catch the forward momentum. Put your running mechs in a more forward positioning and you will feel the mass and momentum behind them more.

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@robinh: the blue scheme for the Ritterlich is my favorite too so as well. Too bad that the CAV SO kickstarter din't have too many models for this faction (looking forward to paint the Cataphract and Silverback with this scheme when they arrive).
I tried a scheme for the dictator 70, but it was too plain ugly to post.

For the highlight, thanks for the tip. I will try some edging on the purpule ones (i was getting lazy and didn't want to drybrush them).

@Colonel Kane: cots? Not sure what it means.
Colors are "army painter - alien purple" as a base, with metal being "GW leadbelcher" shaded with "GW Nuln oil" and highlights are "Vallejo electric blue". Yellow is a basic craft store yellow.
Decals are some old "Flames of War" decal found in the clearance bin of my FLGS.


The running stance for the Wight is the default pose. (I had to trim the base quite a bit and keep the behind leg in the air to fit on the provided Hex. So it  may have started to bend a bit backwards as Bones is quite soft, making it the COG look off.)
I will repose most of my Wight with both feet on the base anyways (Cutting bones is quite easy) and will fiddle a bit with their knees to bend it forward.
About the dropship I googled "CAV Hercles dropship" and found it out there:

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