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Bones Beauty Pageant -- Little People entry thread


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Reaper Bones Beauty Pageant
Jan-Feb 2015
The challenge: 
1. paint one of the following Bones figures.  They were included in the Bones Kickstarter Vampire Box and should also be available wherever Reaper products are sold.  Remember that the base is part of the figure and should be painted as well.  Modifications are allowed. 

77073 Freja Fangbreaker, Dwarf Sergeant
77072 Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf
77074 Dain Deepaxe, Dwarf
77075 Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard
89012 Lem, Iconic Halfling Bard
77164 Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard
77167 Ingrid, Female Gnome
77165 Hellakin Goregutter, Halfling Thief
77166 Balto Burrowell, Gnome
77031 Cassie, Female Gnome Wizard

77133 Gruff Grimecleaver, dwarf pirate

2. (optional) Include a short paragraph of fictional backstory for your entrant. Be creative and have fun with this. 
3. Post your entry to this thread by midnight CST on February 7, 2015.  Anyone can enter at any time before this deadline. 
Remember, have fun with it. Try not to worry about "rules" too much. Paint the figure. Mod it if you like. Get creative. 
The following week I will set up a poll and entrants will be able to vote on which figure they find Most Beautiful. 
Please, no chatter on this thread, entries only! 

If you have questions or need help, please post in the discussion thread.

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Karine crept along the deserted wooden boardwalk, the reassuring warmth of the magical sword Modblad in her right hand. Of course, in her left hand throbbed the unholy pulse of the Netherstone, and she was glad for the thick glove that kept its glowing runes from touching her skin. Something had caused the human village of Destead to be abandoned and if she was right, the Netherstone would give her advanced warning. She edged along the front of an inn, small clumps of grass sticking through the wood beneath her feet, the inn doors open and brightly lit from within, but devoid of people. A trio of tables in front were still set with hearty meals...


The Netherstone's pulsing quickened, and Karine's heart followed suit. From the shadows on the other side of the street, eldritch eyes glinted, and a glowing mouth filled with the shadows of teeth yawned into a smile beneath them.


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This is Thera Stonebones. She is a beast. :) I had a great time painting her, and she changed my hubby's mind about female dwarves all being ugly. :) 


Thera is based on a character my husband played named Therabin Stonebones, so this is part of his story instead.


Therabin is the Grudgekeeper of his Clan. He keeps a (rather large) book of grudges that the Clan can then act on at some point. He and his clan tell stories of the 15 foot tall ancestor dwarves that built their home. Why else would there be giant statues and caverns that tall?!



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Don't judge me.. I painted these 2 tonight out of sheer boredom.


This is Beltina, the Bad Badger ....girl. :) 



She is a gnome spirit shaman with a badger spirit guide, she rides her friend Growl the bear into battle. I plan to paint her on Growl when the Bones II gets shipped.


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Gruff had nearly finished adjusting his recipe for "Bomba étonner" when the British navy found them.

The day the French captain had "impressed" him into service he begun plotting his way off the ship.

Admiral Nelson would get them! If he didn't then his culinary masterpiece would!


Gruff lept onto the deck yelling "I'm only a cook!"


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“Though she be but little, she is fierce!â€

Lexy may not have the best sword or shield, and only the other day her pack had broke one of its buckles, but that was not going to dissuade her from joining the battle! 

She just wished her best green hair bow had not fallen from her pack, now she only had a purple one.


post-7024-0-34842900-1421036446.jpg  post-7024-0-40415400-1421036457.jpg

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Sometimes a girl doesn't have time to put on her makeup when the orcs come a-knockin'. Bailey may have rushed out the door, but she was ready to slice up the foe just the same. And she remembered to bring her trusty crossbow to pick off the stragglers, of course.



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My fourth mini (I started painting about a month ago). This is Pennies a Gnome bard I'm creating for 5e D&D. The photos are a little blurry but I'm really happy with the way she turned out. Planning to submit a dwarf by the end of the month too.



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Behold! Wizzy McKraken aka Hank Brownshoes

Hank Brownshoes was unhappy with his station in life. He was a miner by trade, and not a very good one at that. One day, while mining a rather deep vein, he found something unusual. Laying there next to the skeletal remains of a gargantuan demon beast he found a wizard's robe, a pointy hat, and a staff. He gathered these up, clocked out early and went home.

The very next day, Hank Brownshoes packed up and moved two mountains over plus one, donned the wizard robe ( after some adjustments), pointy hat and staff, and started introducing himself as Wizzy McKraken.

He quickly learned that if he always seemed lost in thought, spoke slowly, dramatically and most important cryptically people would assume he was very wise. Also, striking an impressive wizard pose now and then didn't hurt.

A dwarven wizard is something of note, and eventually he came to the attention of the Mountain King. He was offered the job of King's advisor which he took after some "mulling over".

Naturally there were skeptics. No one had ever seen him actually do any sort of magic, and there were some rumors going around. However, that all came to an end during the great Orc Onslaught in the year of the Rock 22. Was it a coincidence that the Orc Chieftain clad in full metal plate armor was struck down dead by lightning during a battle with the Dwarven Kingdom in the middle of a thunderstorm or was it magic? Either way, Wizzy pointed his staff at the right moment in the right direction and squashed any rumors of his validity. No one would dare to question him after that.

His advisor job went well, (vague advice often works itself out) and Wizzy spent his days happy, and his nights laughing to himself and wooing war widows.




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77164    Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard


post-8582-0-81692700-1422226257_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-87768300-1422226258_thumb.jpg


As a bard, Elliwyn has a complete and innate ability to coordinate her outfits merely by the sounds the various materials make.  She must remain ever vigilant though, for she is regularly attacked by rogue fashion designers and artists armed with color wheels.  She uses her magical Horn of Color Spray to incapacitate such miscreants.  She more mundane measures (ie, her sword) against those who say that doesn't make any sense.

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