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Stonehaven Gnome Wolf-Rider

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This is going to be my first big project of the year and will most likely be my only entry in the painting competition at OrcCon in February. I would do at least one other but I need to focus on the entries I have planned for ReaperCon. So I present to you the gnome knight mounted on a wolf from Stonehaven. I grabbed this little guy from the Box of Goodwill and have been itching to painted him. He has been primed and I have done a black base for all the metal as well as the wolf's fur. The eyes are done, except for possible color on the wolf's. The gnome's came out a lot better then I expected as they had little definition to them.




Now I plan to be ambitious with the base. I am using a piece of burl wood that my dad cut up for me. I plan on painting it up as a rocky cliff with a pond at the base and a small waterfall. So I am going to have to make wood look like rock and attempt using resin for the first time. Any tips?



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Started on the skin with a base coat and some shading. Did some mixing of paint for the shadow color, it is hard to tell in the photos but what do you think?




I also realized that GW's Typhus Corrosion texture paint would be perfect to make the base rougher and more rock like. I have done one coat, it was still wet when I took the picture, and may do one or two more.



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I know this says gnome but it screams goblin.


Nice work on that base btw.

Yeah, he is kind-of golblinish. I decided to have fun with his base so hopefully everything works out.



Well, I have finished his face. I am actually really happy with it as I was nervous about the mixing of colors. It is shaded with a mix of tanned shadow and royal purple. I cleaned up his hair and gave him brows.




I also settled on the color for the cloth, green bordered in brown and have base coated the green. The wolf has begun to receive its color as well. I am going to go with a dark grey and hopefully I can make it so he doesn't blend in to much with the base.




Speaking of the base, I actually did it. I poured the resin on Sunday. The directions say full hardness is reached in 72 hours so tomorrow will be when I find out if I was successful. I am optimistic as it did not leak and the left over resin that I mixed is hard. A couple of things did not go as planned though. The resin ended up being deeper then I had planned due to the two separate areas combining. The second was that I decided to do some foam moss as the rocks needed something and moss would make sense in a wet area. Well when the resin level increased, it reached the foam which soaked it up. So I am going to try to knock down the gloss and with matte sealer and paint. If anyone has other ideas on how to fix it, please let me know!



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Well it is not perfect but I am happy with the result. The resin set nice and hard, but it turns out that it did leak between the base and mold so I had to do some clean-up. It also looks like I did not have as level as I thought so the top is not level. But as it was my first time working with resin, I am proud if it.



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I have done a lot more work on the gnome. Most of it was done on Saturday when I had some friends over to paint. The green is done. The gnome's hair is done. The wolf/dog is mostly done. I say mostly as I need to finish the ears and maybe do some work on his feet. I said wolf/dog as it is not looking very wolfy. I originally thought to go with a grey wolf and then thought black. But I was looking at pictures and noticed that most of their coats are light colored tipped with dark. I did not feel confident trying to pull that off with this guy and was liking how he was looking, so I decided he does not have to be a wolf.






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