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Stonehaven Gnome Wolf-Rider

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Coming along really nicely! What colours did you use for the green? It's super lovely.

It is the moss triad: jungle moss, highland moss, and pale lichen.


Thank you guys for the comments, I really appreciate it.

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I am nearing the end with this guy and I feel confident I can have him finished by Saturday. The leather and wood are done, although I am not 100% happy with them. I also have begun work on the metal. I have just done the base coats and a few washes but I am really happy with the look.






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I know this says gnome but it screams goblin.


Nice work on that base btw.

Yeah, he is kind-of golblinish. I decided to have fun with his base so hopefully everything works out.



Well, I have finished his face. I am actually really happy with it as I was nervous about the mixing of colors. It is shaded with a mix of tanned shadow and royal purple. I cleaned up his hair and gave him brows.




I also settled on the color for the cloth, green bordered in brown and have base coated the green. The wolf has begun to receive its color as well. I am going to go with a dark grey and hopefully I can make it so he doesn't blend in to much with the base.




Speaking of the base, I actually did it. I poured the resin on Sunday. The directions say full hardness is reached in 72 hours so tomorrow will be when I find out if I was successful. I am optimistic as it did not leak and the left over resin that I mixed is hard. A couple of things did not go as planned though. The resin ended up being deeper then I had planned due to the two separate areas combining. The second was that I decided to do some foam moss as the rocks needed something and moss would make sense in a wet area. Well when the resin level increased, it reached the foam which soaked it up. So I am going to try to knock down the gloss and with matte sealer and paint. If anyone has other ideas on how to fix it, please let me know!




What did you use for your mold?  I have to put a figures's boots into a rice paddy and I need some sort of dam to contain the "water" agent until it dries. 


Did you put some sort of lubricant on the inside of your mold as a release agent? 


The final product looks very good.

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I used cardboard that I put packing tape on to prevent the resin from soaking into it. Next time I will probably try something else as it was not flush against the base so I did have some leaking. I did not use any lubricant but you could use a little petroleum jelly if you want.

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He's done! I can not express how happy I am with him. Even if he doesn't win anything, I am pleased. Like most WIP's though, he does look better in hand as the pictures are a little dark. So next up is getting him on the base and adding plants.






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those pictures are much better....  having the white background worked.


Now if you can make the base half as good as the mini you should be in the running for a medal easily.

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