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Legions of Steel Superfortress

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Here's an individual WIP of an idea I had, upon realizing I had excess Blasters for my Mechadrome mechs.

The original Superfortress looks gnarly but is heavily outfitted for anti-vehicle firepower. Most 28mm combat is more about infantry, or at most, many infantry and a handful of vehicles. I recalled having another, and set about making an anti-infantry version that visually blended the Mechadrome and original LOS aesthetics; as a bonus this leaves me with a BFG laser to stick on, say, a Rhino, in order to have an in-theme IFV/APC.


I stuck the legs on with huge amounts of automotive epoxy putty and some superglue; the bottom detailing is hollow, which you really never see on the table, and the legs fit up into the body cavity. (Huge amounts = two small blobs). Then I Devcon'd his feet to this Basix MDF base, just to be sure. Here he is near a fully assembled, based, shaded, but incompletely painted twin.


As you can see, I have, with a combo of big pins, Devcon, and aforementioned putty, plus some superglue to make sure the putty grabbed, mounted one of the BFGs in place of the disposable 2-shot missile pack of the standard variant. (Like the standard variant, I have lost this guy's chin gun.)



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Here's two views of the Mechadrome blasters mounted on the weapon-mount wing-stubs. I'm going to treat these as, in essence, the rough equivalent of a 40K heavy bolter, twin mounted. Which is to say, the standard Powered Infantry support MG is a double-up version of their standard rifle, and this will be treated as two of those mounted together, for a total fire-rate of 4.


It should be a blood-soaked long-range lawnmower that runs on laser power.


Or I might treat each as twin-mounted in-universe Blasters, which means much the same thing as above only much shorter range, traded for more stopping power up-close.





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It's big. But since I've never seen one of these "in the flesh" so to speak I wouldn't mind a scale shot or two with some infantry.


I vaguely remember seeing the box a while ago, but I wasn't into the UNE.

I needed them to make the Infranite Rock Lobster, but the company folded before that happened.


I thought about converting one, but the things I'd have to buy to do the converting to have always seemed too expensive.

Option 1 was a big Zoids scorpion looking thing, option 2 was two of those 4 legged Chaos things that would have become one.

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