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Airlines, VISAs, Airports, and Suburbs


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OK, I'm not much of a traveller. In fact, I've not gone farther than the borders of British Columbia. I went to Vancouver one time, but we did alot of imbibbing, so don't really remember much except that it was BIG.


So, it should be no surprise that I have no idea at all on any of this kind of stuff.


As a Canuck, do I need a VISA now to get across the border? I sort of assume so since the last few years have been rather rocky. How do I do that? How much is that gonna cost? Wait times? Will I even get it in time?


Airlines and Airports.

GA! Where I come from, there is only one airport to a city. You wanna go to Edmonton? Get off the plane at the airport. But when I click on any flights to Dallas, they ask me what airport I want. HUH? I wann go to Reaper Con. just get me there already!


Just to be clear, I need to get from Edmonton (Alberta Canada) to Dallas TX (right??) Or is it Denton TX??? WUZZA!??


Air Canada is the only Airline I know of that flies from here to there, and looks to be in the 6 - 700 dollar range (Canadian). Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to read any of the other gobble-de-gook on the search result page.



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I'm glad you raised the issue of visas Morg, as I need to phone the US Embassy and check for myself...


As for flight bookings online, you want either Dallas international or Dallas Love Field... it doesn't matter much, apparently they're both close.


Why don't you use Air Canada to get you to a major airport (read major as international/hub) and then get another airline from there... perhaps it'll work out cheaper that way?

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I don't know about VISAs, I know I used to be able to cross the Canada-US border at will with just ID, call your local travel agency they should be able to answer that one and direct you to the right people to contact if you do need it.


Flights into Dallas-Love Field are restricted, you can only get there from a few states so I would direct you to Dallas-Fort Worth(DFW is the code).


I found four returns when I entered Edmonton, I picked the straight Edmonton one. My search results on Travelocity are here. There are multiple airlines and a few different prices, but when you convert the $$ to canadian it might not be any better.


does that help at all?


cher ^_^

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