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[DnD 5E] Talos: City of Intrigue and Adventure!

Dilvish the Deliverer

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The city of Talos is a back water city state nominally controlled by the Quentrian Empire. Originally a kingdom controlling a large area of the micro-continent it inhabits, it was conquered over 200 years ago by the Quentrians. It's harbor was used a staging point for further Quentrian expansion. With the troubles plaguing Quent from their other conquests, Talos has been left to wither. An ineffectual Governor theoretically rules, but as the posting is seen a punishment and the current governor is barely capable of finding his next wineskin, a group of the native Talosian nobility manages most day to day functions.


Most resources were siphoned off to support the Empire's conquests, and Talosian fortunes were in decline prior to being absorbed. Most industry is centered around the capital, with only some farms and the estates of the nobles surrounding. Away from the temperate coastal region, the land is rocky and rugged, not fit for farming. Isolated hill tribes and humanoid encampments are the only inhabitants, though stories tell of other creatures that haunt the hinterlands. Some venture inland to collect rare spices and herbs found only in the wild, and dotting the landscape are ruins hint at a time prior to Talosians.


Five years ago, a prospector found unusual metal deposits; Mithral,. The deposit was unusually pure and has draw many outside interests to Talos. In addition to the mithral and other mineral wealth, strange artifacts have been found in some of the ruins, drawing a different kind of attention. These new arrivals and industries have revitalized Talos, wakening the backwater city, casting off the erosion of time restoring the city to some of it's former glory.


It is here, at this point of history that you find yourself in Talos. Perhaps you are newly arrived, looking to make a name and a fortune for yourself; perhaps to hide yourself from dangerous enemies in this far away place. Or you may be a native of Talos, looking to improve your station, or steer the destiny of your motherland. All that matters is that opportunity favors the bold, the quick-witted, the adventurous.


Major areas of the city:



Governor's Palace (The Red Keep): Occupying an isolated column of rock on the northern edge of the harbor, the Governor's Palace serves as the administrative hub to the city. Not only containing the governor's personal living quarters, it also boasts a barracks for the Quentrian army (the only lawful army), store rooms and the Talosian prison. It is connected to the rest of the city by a stone bridge that has, in the past, been destroyed to prevent attack (both from internal and external forces). The offical name is the Governor's Palace but most locals continue to call it by it's original name, The Red Keep, so named after it's builder, King Talicus the Red, and for the red stone that comprises the bulk of it's construction.


New Town: The northermost district of the and due east of TheRed Keep, New Town is where the upper class make their homes. Wealthy merchants, nobles and senior clergy all have homes here. The Great Houses have their town homes here, and split their time between their estate and here. Most of the lessor houses have only their homes in New Town.


The Docks: Talos is built on the one good deep water port. Much of the island is surrounded by sheer cliffs, towering over a hundred feet above the pounding seas. Only to the east of the city does the land slope down to a break in the cliffs. This entire low area is called The Docks and consists of piers, wharfs, warehouses and establishments catering to both sailors and fishermen who work and live here. A large seawall, protects the harbor and Seawatch, a tower that serves both as a lighthouse and seaward defense point.


Old Town- Most of the rest of the area inside the city walls is know as Old Town. Areas of note are the Great Square, bounded to the north by the Street of the Gods, Smith Street and East Gate, the main landward entrance to the city.


The Narrows- containing some of the oldest buildings in the city, the Narrows is a rats nest of twisting alleys, and overhanging buildings. Some streets never see the sun and the city watch never enters. The poorest of the poor live here in squalid conditions. It is bounded by the old city wall and when the sea breeze shifts, the smell of the tanneries and refineries override the stench of filth and despair.


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Top Posters In This Topic

So, this is the PbP using 5E I was talking about.


First off a little about my favorite subject, ME!


I've been playing and DMing for over 30 years now.  I haven't, however, DM'd 5E.  Or played it for that matter.  I am wildly overconfident in my abilities and with the delayed nature to PbP, I'm sure I can fake it enough for you to have an enjoyable time.


Because that's what this is about.  YOU having a good time playing in my little world.  You want death cheating combats?  Palace intrigue?  Hack and slash or long RP encounters?  We can do that.  My DM style is pretty free form and organic.  I do prepare some encounters, but it is up to you choose to go after them and I've got no rails to hold you down.  Or if you happen to nee some structure, I can add as much as you like.


I prefer that the group starts off knowing each other as it moves the plot along in a PbP (otherwise the first month of posts are I walk into the tavern, look how mysterious I am, why is no one talking to me) but if you want to I have a way to get you all together.


I'm looking forward to this, and thank you for joining me on this adventure. 

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Character Creation: All Core books. Any deviations or other source are on a case by case basis.


Stats: 2d6 + 6


Class: Any


Race: Any but drow. Native races are human (Talosian, with some Quentrian transplants), a few families of half elves, half orcs and halflings. Several groups of Dwarves have come in to work the mines. Most other races are foreigners to Talos.


Background: Any including variants (ie pirate). If you chose noble it will be one of the lesser houses or foreign nobility.


2 personality traits, 1 ideal, 1 bond and 1 flaw. If you want more go ahead, I'm will to work with just about back story. The game is about the character you want to play.


Alignment: Any non-evil (aka:don't be a dick). In my home brew systems I don't bother with alignment, you are as you act, but in DnD is mechanically relevant.


Starting gold and equipment: As per Class and Background or max gold. I don't do firearms or gunpowder. Clockwork/mechanical style devices are rare but not unheard of. Talos sees one or two air ships a year. You are assumed to have 1 weeks of modest lifestyle arranged. Anything higher/longer than that is on your own dime (silver).


Optional Rules:


Multiclassing: allowed


Feats: allowed (note there may be opportunities to learn feats based upon in game events; training, rewards etc).


Deities: Greyhawk and applicable Non-Human

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Players:  looking for 4-6.  I have run more but not with this system  I may be willing to expand as I become more comfortable with the system.



dsmiles - Judas Half Orc Warlock  swallowed up by the city?

Baphomet Thromdor Ironbeard

pcktlnt  Brig    Brig pt 2

Aard something on a stick

Qwiksilver  Horrik Kordson Aasimar Cleric

SparksMurphey  Nivin Slimheart Halfling Barbarian.

prophetic_joe Grinley Wardfield Halfling Bard




Shadowraven (if we have room)

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I have a tendency to play human rogues, so this should be pretty easy, but what are the other archetypes (other than Thief)? More specifically, is there a dungeon-explorer type? Big on disarm traps/open locks/etc.


EDIT: That is to say: I'm reading what Thief says it is, and that's not what it is. At least, not enough for what I normally do with a Rogue. I'm talking like a mechanical genius-type rogue.

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Yay. I'm allowed to play. Was thinking of a swashbuckler. I'm thinking fighter base.


@dsmiles, I can write up the snippet about rogues and their archetypes. I haven't seen the dungeon master guide yet, so I cannot tell you anything out of that.


--- edit ---

Clarification: Fighter class (roleplaying it as a swashbuckler)

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@dsmiles- almost any class can be that, depending on the background and thus proficiencies you end op getting.  The Rouge (Thief archetype) has abilities that make you better (Fast hands gives you a bonus action to make a sleight of hands check, disarm a trap, pick a lock or use an object)


How thing like pick locks and disarm traps work is you make a skill (Dexterity) roll vs the target.  Well say a DC 10 lock.  You would roll a d20+ dex bonus + proficiency bonus (if you are proficient with thieves tools) and compare it to the DC.  Equal to or over and you succeed.  Under and you fail.


Your proficiency bonus is based on your Character Level and is applied in various circumstances (attack rolls, skill checks, tool checks, saving throws) that you are proficient.


Rogues are proficient with thieves tools but there are background that also grant proficiency.

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