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[DnD 5E] Talos: City of Intrigue and Adventure!

Dilvish the Deliverer

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Okay, here's a list:


Allitur - LG god of ethics and propriety

Fortubo - LG god of stone, metals, and mountains

Heironeous - LG god of chivalry, honor, justice, and valor

Pholtus - LG god of light, resolution, and law

St Cuthbert - LG (sometimes LN) god of wisdom, dedication, and zeal

Ulaa - LG goddess of hills, mountains, and gemstones



Personally, every time I use Greyhawk deities, and I play a paladin: I'm a paladin of St. Cuthbert (of the Cudgel).

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Ooo... I had forgotten Cuthbert was a D&D god...


Hm. Paladin of Heironius, tho. Stick firmly wedged, but just dumb enough to let things slide... Like a big friendly golden retriever! Yesss...

I just like beaning people with my "Conversion Stick."


Me: Hail, and well met! Listen to the words of St Cuthbert, friend!

Random NPC: No, thanks.

Me: *WHACK!*

Me: How about now?

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So, I have had a chance to read through the classes.  I think I will play a Tempest Cleric.  Have to decide on a race still.  But basically, expect Thor.  Trying to decide between noble and local hero for my background.  I'm leaning towards noble just for the arrogance, but also considering the local hero for the whole, just got my arse dumped back into Midgaard to teach me humility bit.

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