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CarPool and RideShare ReaperCon 2015


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I'm DFW, only 1 Dallas airport I've ever come into for RCon.


Actually there are a few people coming in LF this year. Also I think Southwest only goes there as well.

Yeah southwest only goes to love field. It isn't a big deal, it was a good 50$ cheaper per person to use south west instead of anyone else.

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ok, I think I'm going to fly into love field at 1:55 pm on wednesday.  I am going to rent a car if anyone can fit into it with me and all my stuff... although now that I check prices of them... sigh...


Yeah prices for rentals are maddening. Melons Clan lands in Love Field at 1:05pm. o_o 

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It sounds like Haldir's ride is now full, but I am expecting to arrive at DFW around 11:40AM on Wednesday, if anybody would like to split a ride.


I am getting in at 1107 and am currently planning on using Super Shuttle. I have not booked it yet, so I might be willing to split.



Last year, FireElemental and I took a taxi from DFW to a rental place at the mall, and got our car there. Was a lot cheaper. Airport prices were THAT inflated...


Not sure we're doing that this year; prices are behaving a lot differently.


For Wed-Mon, Enterprise at DFW is over $400. A nearby one (3 miles) is half that. That's crazy if you ask me.

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I've heard that rental cars get cheaper when it is close to the day you want to rent one. They want to get as much as possible for the cars, but a car sitting on the lot is useless to them, so they drop their prices in an effort to get all the cars off the lot.


Last year, we paid $192 to rent from Wednesday to Monday through Avis at the Vista Ridge Mall. We paid in advance to get a bit of a discount. We reserved it on 4/22 which was Tuesday the week of the con. Avis allows you to drop the car off at a different location for free, so we dropped it off at the airport. Whole thing went smoothly although we got charged a fee for something (I forget what) at the airport.

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I'm getting into DFW at 2:45pm on Wednesday, and heading home on Monday at 12:40pm. I'll probably end up just doing the Super Shuttle, but if anyone wants to share a ride (carpooling or taxi), I'd be happy to split costs. :)



--OneBoot :D

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