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77109: Bones Fire Dragon in Green

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I'm glad you did this, the whole 'red+green=xmas' thing bugs me. It doesn't unless the beholder makes it so. I don't see it until someone mentions it, which makes me annoyed with the person who does so :)


Great work as usual, nice lil snake in there.

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I click on a new show off.  Look at the pictures going Oh wow, reaching the bottom; thinking that these have to be Corporea, scroll back up. Yup, Corporea...

The exact same thought process went through my head.  "Ooh! Pretty dragon. Heh, looks almost like Corporea's base work.  Who did this? <scrolls up> Oh! Corporeal!"


I pegged it as yours when I saw the little snake on the base.  Until then It was just an impressive dragon, then it became Corporea's impressive dragon.


I'm not sure I could tell you why the little snake dude and base style made me think of you, though.

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Love it! And I don't think you over-rely on basing...you just do a really great job of creating entire 360-degree worlds for your minis!


I love the snake.


I have one nit to pick...there's a pretty hard corner of cork just below the snake...I'd take a pair of pliers or tweezers (the cork Andy brought to Rcon is crumbly enough for tweezers) and rough up the flat edges a bit, pull chunks of cork out so it looks a little less finished.


The red and green works really nicely, especially with the yellows in there. *takes notes for the big green sitting in the queue*

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Really great looking dragon! I love the highlights and shading. You've brought a lot of contrast to the piece.


I have to echo Sanael on the base, though. The basing looks like sheets of cork stacked on a base. I wish you had roughed them up more, or puttied over the sides, or even painted them like shale to justify the uniform layering.

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