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3rd Annual Reaper Forums Large Model Paint Challenge 2015 Rules and questions


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Top Posters In This Topic



Reaper 40mm-99mm:


1st: Slashhamster - Frost Giant

2nd: Mierot - Monique de Noir

Random: Knarthex


Reaper 100mm:


1st:  Adrift - Chromegear

2nd: MrsMelons - Nathavarr

Random: MrMelons




1st:  Parodius - Call of Cthulhu

2nd:  Sirithiliel - DDS2

Random:  Robinh




1st:  MGMPainting - Huntress

2nd:  CashWiley - Scottish Highlander

Random:  Xherman1964


I'll work on getting everyone their prizes in the next day or so


Congrats to all the winners!








*** Dances around throwing frost giant's skulls in the air out of joy***


Congrats to all the winners

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Another year of painting over, with a gallery of exceptional work to show for it.


Congrats to all who entered as they were all well done.


Thanks to the judges and Samuraijack for their hard work and even harder decisions,  the effort is very much appreciated.


and of course, bonus congrats to those who won.

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So many beautiful entries! 


Congratulations to Slashhamster, Mierot, Knarthex, Adrift, MissMelons, MrMelons, Parodius, Sirithiliel, Robinh, MGMPainting, CashWiley, and Xherman1964!  That was a lot of lovely work.

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