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Resolutionary Painting Challenge: January

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In an effort to paint more and post more I will give this a go. Hopefully I can make it a few months at least.    My goals for January (my apologizes the beginning of the year is typically when I p

Lots of beautiful minis posted so far everyone. I figured I better get out the camera and post the two I managed to finish as well as a quick WIP of my butcher and war dogs.   My first completed min

1 Down! - This one is 2-birds, 1 stone. Painted for Willen as an exchange piece, but it still counts!

Posted Images

Here are my four for this month. I will have better pictures later tomorrow.

1) This was my Secret Sophie exchange. I only have this one picture. Oops.



2) I finished the figure last month but was not happy about it not conveying he is a necromancer. So this was to base the figure and I'm liking it. Might throw a raven on his hand as his familiar, but it may become cluttered.



3) My drow monk. I wanted to do something with OSL and lit up his eyes. It looks...okay. I cannot decide on a base and that's a reason why the base is unpainted. I'm sketching up ideas using that modeling paste from Liqutex to create rings around his feet and have him charge up.



4) And then I wanted to try out white armor. (I lost the shield piece T__T). He shall represent a veteran guard captain for a town I'm creating. ^__^


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Unfortunately, I can only claim two for the month...  :down:  (pics SoonTM in the little people thread)


I have officially failed at life, lol...


(Eh, maybe I'll succeed for February, since I can count the two that are already half-done from January, lol)

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I got 3 out of 4 done; however, I'm counting the kobold I finished as January in my head, so that I'll be sure to get 4 done for February. :)


Honestly, I'm counting January as a win for myself, since 4 is 4 more than I've painted in like the last 6-8 months. Even though I "officially" am out, Imma keep participating anyways! :)


Figure 1: Platypod


Figure 2: "Agent Hellboy"


Figure 3: Goblin


(unofficial) Figure 4: Kobold


EDIT: Added links to Show-off threads



--OneBoot :D

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