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With most everyone having received or receiving in the next few days, I'd like to open up a thread for EVERYONE in a Group/Open WIP thread.


Although I won't be doing mine until after the current projects are off my desk with time constraints, I can see quite a few of us really wanting to paint these up.


This is open to EVERYONE and ALL the new DSM Stephanie Law Masterworks figures. Feel free to post up your WIP here and most importantly... HAVE FUN!!


P.S. Let us keep chatter to a minimum and only about these figures.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I'm still preping Thalia. Last night I cleaned the flash and vents. I also filed some of the mold lines. There is a mold line that runs up her side just to the right of the ribbon stitches on her left side.




It's really difficult to see the mold line but I know it's there. I have some scalpel blades on order. When they arrive I'll see about cleaning up that mold line.  That same mold line also runs down the mask and I fear that my cleaning attempt may have destroyed the detail there. So I may be cutting the mask off entirely and sculpting a new one closer to the original artwork concept. The mold lines on the rest of the figure are tiny and easy to remove. But that one side of the mold must have been deformed a bit.


I am also looking at cutting off the eyelids. DKS recommends it in his expressive faces class. That will need to wait on scalpel blades. In the mean time I may sculpt the theater mask tonight.

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I might be talked into posting some pics in here so as to feed the egos of the other painters.  Well assuming that I don't go blind just looking for the mold lines that is.


But in return I'd have to ask people to name names when it comes to colors so I cans steal ideas without so much work.

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So preparation is important and so is having the right tools for the job.  In this case this:


A rye old fashioned.  Cut an orange into rounds about 1/2" thick.  quarter those rounds put two quarters in a glass and reserve the rest.  Add the right amount of sugar ~1-2 teaspoons.  Then a dash of aromatic bitters.  Angustura is fine but there are better out there.  Mash the oranges being careful not to mash the pith, just the fruit.  Then tilt the glass around to cover the sides in sugar.  Add Ice, you don't want it to be full but you want it to last the drink.  Put in a shot of good rye.  I'm going to plug Rittenhouse here.  It is cheap, relatively unknown and really outstanding.  also 100 proof so it adds some punch.  Stir with spoon, garnish with cherry.  


Then pick up your mini:



This is where I left her last night.  her skin goobered up a bit in places but I can fix that with some glazes of matte medium and a quick glaze of the skin tone.  I'm going to continue refining her skin and slowly add in some shadows tonight.

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I might be talked into posting some pics in here so as to feed the egos of the other painters.

Participation, posting pics, sharing ideas, asking questions; that's what this place is all about.


If someone doesn't post some info you're interested in, ask. I've yet to find anyone who won't share the process, from the complete beginner to the best painters in the world.

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Thalia is tricky..  She has the tinest tab oat the bottom of her feet to insert into the base. I wasn't sure how I was going to secure the figure for painting. I ended up drilling out a hole in the tab and glueing a paperclip into it. after that I wrapped a little green stuff around the tab and paperclip to give it a little more heft. The arm needs to be glued in. I did that but there was a bit of a gap, so GS gap filling is done. Now it all needs time to setup.





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*sigh*  So I looked over the box for 2 days and finally decided that despite a HUGE case of the heebies on this girl after seeing what Jessica Rich did to her, she was still my favorite of the bunch to work on.  I may have to follow DontFear step 1 to get anything done on her.  Name is Mab according to JR's FB page.

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      Feel I've lost the plot on this ... so any advice on how to proceed with this would be greatly appreciated! (Having fun, though, despite not knowing what the hell I'm doing. 😁)
      I'm including a "top down" view, which is where I'm most confuddled. That dark line down his arm which represents the shadow from the staff which sits between the source of light ... it just doesn't look right to me.  🤔
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      Backdrop is a black cardstock.

    • By ced1106
      Yeah, it's early, but I know Tiny Furniture takes awhile to get your mini's. Also, of course, some of us haven't even started painting their Halloween miniatures. So here's a reminder to start painting! Feel free to post your Halloween miniature pics, new and classic. 👻👻👻
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      I've been working on my drakes/dragons for what feels like forever now.  Last week, Jim of Dark Sword brought me a copy of the metal masters for the small versions of them as they are being prepared for casting.  He gave me permission to paint one up as my ReaperCon entry, despite their not being released yet.  So here goes...
      If you want to read the whole tale on the sculpting of these drakes, check out this thread in the sculpting section.
      After prepping the mini, I primed it with my airbrush, using stylrnez.

      About 6 months ago, I had started painting a resin prototype of this mini that I had printed.  That mini was a bit too small and had some errors in the scales on its tail, so I abandoned it.  That said, I am sticking fairly close to the color concept I had with that one and will be using it as a preliminary sketch of where I want this one to go.  Here is that sketch model:

      On Saturday, I got together with a bunch of friends to work on our Open entries and I began the painting in earnest,  All paints are MSP.  The dorsal scales are based in Sharkbite, the sides in Marid Blue, and the belly in Grindylow Green. The belly was washed in a mix of Grindylow Green and Clear Pthalo Green.  I have more work to do on that shading yet though.  I then shaded the sides down to Sharkbite.  I also have more work to do on the deepest shadows there yet after I get the highlights done.


      I also painted the eyes and teeth. 
      Yesterday, I highlight the sides up to white and based the claws in Drow Skin.


      I plan on spending every night this week working on it and have Friday off as well.  I hope I can be done on Friday, but we'll see.  I do have all my classes prepped, so am ready for ReaperCon other than this project and one other metal work project I have going.  It is going to be a busy week though.
    • By Mark.Bright
        This is my first post really on forums.  I normally post on Facebook. My wife and I paint models alot of the time side by side. Whilst I prep our quarterly contest entry we worked on these Storm Giants...  About half way done.

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