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77191 Bones Hydra -> Tiamat (by sculpting)


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For the membranes try wrapping tin foil around your supports and using the tin foil as a base.


Thanks for the tip, I will try that.



Bravo! Great job so far!


I can also say from experience that a little bit of superglue (I use Lok-tite gel) can be used to make a very strong bond between green stuff and another surface.


Do you use the glue before the green stuff cures as well? At the moment, I am glueing all the cured bits that fall off back on with little problems but during the sculpting process it's a bit of a nightmare getting things to stay.

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Black is finally developing that typical black dragon dental disaster look. Letting teeth cure fully and then sculpting gums to attach them sure is a lot easier than trying to sculpt them onto the mouth in one step.





Reds frills have progressed further. I'm still not sure I like them, they seem very prominent. However I expect they'll stand out less once painted in a color matching the rest of the head. His horns still need work as well, perhaps they will also balance the frills out.





Blues cheekwings are coming along slowly since every step needs to cure before I can move on to the next one.



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Tiamat needs to stop eating her orthodontists. Black really does need some more dental work, braces, and hey, why not gold caps while she's at it? I mean what dragon doesn't like some bling?

Dragons also on occasion are known to have a bit of a nibble at their hoard, they might not want their toofs capped in delicious candy.

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Back from the dead! No, wait, not dead, just got bogged down and distracted... I'm trying to go back to sculpting a little bit every day, since I have way too much free time right now. I also managed to find a Bones Fire Dragon form a German retailer with reasonable shipping costs, so there will be wings soon. 


Red is pretty much done, although I see now that there are some chin spikes missing...



He's not entirely symmertrical, but hey, who is going to be looking at this angle anyway?



After 4 attempts to sculpt a beard and ears on Blue, I got frustrated and went off to do other things. I tried again, telling myself that I would at least leave the putty on this time... So here he is. It's not perfect and i'm not that happy with it, but at least I can move on with the project this way. I feel that most of my textures look kind of similar, maybe it's because I have one favorite tool that I use for everything. 



I had a similar problem with Black's membranes, although I am a little more pleased with how this first section turned out than I am with Blue. Debating adding more teeth, I think with more it will look silly because he could never close his mouth. 



That's one of the distractions there in the corner, by the way... I'm converting 77132: Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain into a dual-scimitar-wielding dragonborn for a character I'm playing. 


As a sort of general question, is there such a thing as too much vaseline when using greenstuff? I am still having so much trouble getting it to stick to anything but my tools. 

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