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CAV Bones: Halberd Vs Wight Diorama

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Dynometrics are pleased to announced the release of the 2274 Halberd LE series!


While the standard Halberd's Dt MKIII rotary autocannon is a fine weapon, it can be somewhat ammo-hungry, leading to shortages in the field. The LE variant (Laser Exclusive) handles this. By replacing the Dt MKIII with a second pair of Mt Pz1 laser bolt guns, the LE is entirely ammo free, yet still capable of packing the punch you expect from an extra-large chassis.


Included in the upgrade is a Tx v56 gyro stabilisation and targeting kit, allowing more accurate fire while on the move. Recent tests against the Mark IV Wight have demonstrated considerable superiority over the Malvernian design. The LE is also a limited edition, with a production run of just 100 being produced, so be sure to place your orders soon before stocks run out.


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don't hate me pls, i think it's overall a good pice love the snow but....


the osl is WRONG!


not badly executed, just wrong.


The flames colours go white>yellow>red>dark red  as the heat goes down

on the ground you've painted an osl wich goes from orange to yellow, this is unnatural.

It seems that  the snow is hotter than the flames.



hope it helps

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You are right about the OSL.

Now that you point it out I see the (quite obvious) mistake.


I initially only painted some yellow on the snow to make it quick and easy, but it looked more like someone peed on the snow. Not the intended effect. I added a bit of orange in the middle to make colours more flame looking. But I realize the mistake.


So your recommendation would be for the OSL:

Go mainly darker orange and red on the ground, with a dab of lighter yellow in the center closer to the flames?

And ensure the OSL is darker than the source itself?


I really appreciate constructive criticisms. That's how we improve. No hate here.


Thank you

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So here is my try to fix it up a bit.
More muted OSL with more orange-red on the outside.




It does look a bit better, but I can't get the lighting right to really show the change on the picture.

Thanks again Badula.

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