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January 9 Update Discussion


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This thread is too much about how the sausage is made. What ever happened to an air of mystery? The enchantment of surprise? I, for one, won't even check a tracking number.



Ok, just kidding. I love the details and I'm pretty sure that my f5 key gets just ad much of a workout after the shipping notification as it did during the kickstarter.

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Test candidates will come from Wave One.


It is likely* at this point that shipping order within waves will be determined by the order in which the Pledge Manager was filled out. First to fill within your wave, first to print out, first to be pulled. Since over a dozen people will be pulling order simultaneously though, it's hardly a strict order. If backer #3's order is smaller and is filled first, it will actually get the physical label applied first. the next ticket printed will be the 13th ticket, which in theory could be fulfilled before the previous orders are, if it is small and simple, or if our people run or use roller skates.


Given A) that we intend to ship hundreds, if not over a thousand, orders per day, and B) that our carriers pick up only once per day, whether a given order ships at 9:02 AM or at 5:59PM the difference is zero to the end user - shipping from your perspective begins with the parcel pick up at 6PM CST. At that point, all parcels, whether postmarked at 9 or 5 are tied for "first" out the door of our factory.


*Alphabetical Order also remains a possibility, as does increasing order by size, or decreasing by size (largest first). One other option suggested has been to do logistically complex but time saving method wherein options are eliminated and the circle is shrunk by eliminating the orders which have the least-popular option first, then removing that item form the circle. When 40% of all orders are pulled, the circle would be half the size as when it began, making, in theory, the remaining 60% of orders pull faster, by virtue of reducing physical steps required to reach all possible product.  


This is why we test. Although I think "By timestamp recording lock-in time" or "lowest order #'s first" are the two leading choices.



I have no idea how fast I did the lock-in related to others! Alphabetical?! First, Last or Forum?! First or Forum, I'm pretty ok. Last, I'm scewwwwwed! Me first, me first, me first!




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I would think that one of the first test cases should be international... But not too far.

Let's say Canada's West Coast.

Probably be best to test a smaller order too... Of mostly the bigger minis.

Might be a good idea to send it to someone Reaper is familiar with... Oh, like say... Perhaps a Mod on the forums.

And as has been mentioned, a first waver is required.




Hey you know what? You're not going to believe this, but by pure coincidence, MY order fills all those requirements.

Funny how things work out sometime.

(waits expectantly for a response from Reaper)

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As someone who probably will get his BONES II after everything is shipped (even if takes a week for each wave - customs and post office here are a drag), I will concede my place in the "line for testing" to someone else.


My education suggest woman or elderly, but I tend to avoid conflict, so, I am including goblins here too.  

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I'm just wishing for a release from customs today or tomorrow!  please please please please... :wub:

It would seem that early Customs release is more beneficial than fulfillment sequence.


For sequence, if a thousand or more orders are filled in a day, then being last in any given wave only put you behind a day or two from the first person in the same wave. Customs, on the other hand, could save EVERYONE multiple days.

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