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January 9 Update Discussion


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God I love industrial processes.  This stuff is so fun to think about.  you are blessed to have a job where you get to play with miniatures, think about industrial processes and make design decisions.  I know not every day is easy or fun but the job you have is awesome.



You might want to look into a computer game called Factorio.  Or maybe don't look into it if you value your free time and don't want to spend all of it it re-optimizing your space factory. 


SpaceChem is also pretty cool.

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Factorio looks very interesting.



Who thinks we'll hear some news before Friday's update? Or will Friday arrive with a "holding pattern" update? 


If the container is released from customs between now and Wednesday, I would not be surprised if Bryan updated us soon after he was notified. If it's released Thursday, I would expect him to wait until Friday to update. However, if it's not released, there isn't much other than "holding pattern" to update with.

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