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January 9 Update Discussion


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I think we should all pick someone to blame everything on. It helps me sleep at night.

I thought that's what we kept Buglips around for...



I blame him for stealing the geological record.  I was going to put that thing on my old turntable and crank it up! 

It was some serious ...



rock music


Oy vey. Ya gotta take that with a grain of Basalt. Everybody takes Buglips for Granite until he pulls this Schist. Are these geology puns getting Shale?  I was only trying to shake things up, we were getting to sedimentary.


I'm ok with this update coming late in the day... Cause maybe more news by then.


Pictures a news boy shouting 'extra! extra! read all about it!'

You are prescient, or Thes.  I just announced 30 minutes after you typed this that today's Update will not occur at Noon as normal, but may in fact be later.


Just keep in mind that Bryan has said that there are no plans or discussions around anything called Bones 3. As I recall he did say that there may be smaller more focused projects, so a not-tiamat could remain a possibility.

There's a lot of things that are possible. Even I don't know all of them.

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I feel like at this point a late update is a good update. 


Well, the later it gets, the less chance it's good news, right?


If they got news the container was released, they would just tell us in an update right away, I think?


If I'm reading the situation correctly, they are hoping it is released today, so holding off making an update in hopes of good news, but there won't be any need to delay giving us the good news once they have it, right?


Maybe I'm thinking too hard about it.

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