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ReaperWolf RC 2015 themed roleplay events!!


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So you may be wondering how the whole RC official themed events work...


Basically each is 3 hours long, register for it and show up at the appointed time. I'm running all 10 events at the same table so I'll be easy to find. Although we allot 6 seats, I reserve the right to seat another player or two if it's cool with the other players. Experience required is nil, all's you need is a willingness to learn and participate. Have fun, enjoy yourself. You'll be given a pregen (a beefy one!) and turned loose on a faction-themed scenario.



Yeah, the whole point of the adventure is to further the aims of your faction. When you sign up you'll get a faction (either picked or assigned to you).


The factions (in brief) are:


Confed. Short for the Confederated Worlds. This is the democratically elected government promoting equality among the races but struggles to keep the peace with the assistance of the IMEF and the Space Marshals. Their enemy is Mutagenesis. (Good)


Tribunal: A shadowy organization seeking to manipulate and gather power at any cost. Came about as a secret governing and enforcement body on the Lemuria, truth be told they’ve existed for thousands of years as the Illuminati. They use any means at their disposal but prefer assassination, extortion, and mayhem. To them the ends justify the means. Their enemy is Five Suns (Evil).


Mutagenesis: Science run amok! The mutants are the result of accidental and deliberate genomic modification due to radiological, chemical, and xenobiological contamination. Think John Carpenter's The Thing with the infected struggling to maintain their hold onto the lingering fragments of their humanity. In exchange for their warped minds and physiques they possess a staggering array of physical and mental abilities. Their enemy is the Tribunal (Neutral)


Five Suns Freebooters: Not so much a faction but rather a loose brotherhood of squabbling scallywags, drifttrash, star-mercs, pirates, assassins, smugglers, and thieves looking for their next score. Most of their enterprises are illicit and they make few attempts to appear legitimate. Their enemy is Confed. (Neutral)


So basically the good guys, bad guys, and two neutral factions. Nice bit of balance there methinks.


The factions more or less run Driftspace. The juicy detail laden gazetteer is in the convention book, same as previous years but rumor has it quite a few folks ignored it. You don't have to read it ahead of time, but it'll certainly put everyone on the same page as the GM and make your transition from Denton TX to Driftspace a whole heckuva lot easier.


The four factions are inevitably drawn to the Axis Mundi, the ancient & colossal 30+ km space station more or less dead center of a massive interstellar network of nav-sats making interstellar travel a breeze. The station is full of cobbled wreck chock full of sinister cults, bizarre alients, skullduggery, and adventure. The factions are all making plays seize more turf in the Axis and that means blaster fire, devious double-dealing, and just for a change of pace a pinch of xeno-diplomacy.


Four factions means four adventures, each run twice. Once these are out of the way I run two 3 hour all-faction mashup adventures featuring two characters from each of the factions. This means cozy 8-player tables so seating is limited and sell out fast. The all-faction mashups are heavy on quick decisions, roleplay, and intense action as the four factions have no choice but to temporarily put aside their differences and cooperate to deal with a menace to all of Driftspace. An enemy from the past, thought long-extinct, is back and more determined than ever to convert or eradicate all life in Driftspace.


The system used is WEG's D6, almost all the books are available as free (AND LEGAL!!!) downloads here:




The rulebooks and supplemental books are along the left side. We'll be making extensive use of the D6 Space rules, 80% spot on with what's in the book but there are some mechanical tweaks here and there but by and large don't sweat the system. N00bs to tabletop roleplay are welcome; don't be shy!! D6 is simple and kid-friendly so we'll be rolling dice and making decisions inside of 5 minutes.


So what materials do you need. Nada. Bupkiss. Goose-egg. Simply put, I provide everything: pregens, scratch paper, dice, miniatures, pencils, playmats, etc. Everything. If you wanna bring your own feel free but I like to keep it simple so all's ya gotta do is show up on time and dive in.


Feel free to swing by, in years past we've attracted a nice crowd of bystanders 'cuz the players always get into the fun and make things entertaining for all so swing in by and say hi!


Feel free to holler if ya have any questions!



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