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Corporea's 2015 Miniatures, jan-april

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Ok!  TIme for new leaf, thread, etc etc!  What I'll try to do is limit my timeframe to 4 months or so and I'll eventually make an index of figures completed in this first post for easy reference.  Then when I start a new thread, I can always link the old if anyone needs something.  I'll start by just putting a link to the old thread, since it has my tutorials already linked.


Corporea's Desk of Progress

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First up, I've made some progress on my Savior 40 yrs for KD. I needed to find a way to increase the contrast between the skin and the dress, so I glazed the skin with old west rose to warm it up.

Well, the demoness has been De-Swansonized, but I don't have pics.  I'll wait until she's done!   In the meantime, I had a flash of inspiration and made progress on the green witch.  I was staring a

Matador Down!     And marble done!!

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Maybe a black backdrop on that Vrock?

Absolutely try this. Not necessarily black, but something darker. See how that photographs before you go too crazy, especially if the vrock looks ok in-hand.


And the savior is (falsetto singsong voice) ahhhh-summmm! Really dig the warmed-up skin. I dunno about the light from the staff...what creates the light? The tip of the staff? The staff itself? Plus, I really like the blue-yellow contrast the skulls have right now against the rest of the scene.

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Must go to store; buy black paper!  Thanks everyone!!

For the staff I was not so much thinking of light I guess, but just a vine-like spreading pattern of the blue/grey color I have on the rest of the base- as if the savior's staff is doing something to the bones.  Not sure it'll work out, but I'll play with it.  I can always paint over it. Alternatively, I thought about changing the color of the base of the staff to that bone color- as if she's absorbing something from the bones.  Hmmmn.  I'll think about it.


I really like the sack o skulls I got from Secret Weapon- those things make basing soooo much easier.  Honestly, I've been playing with a lot more non-me-sculpted basing elements lately, and it is such a treat- it's faster, I don't have to use the oven... ^_^


I'm really having fun with a Darksword mini right now, so i'll try to upload that soon- I'm going for another fancy base like my Astral ranger!

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Okay. Time to pull up a chair and get comfortable. Corporea is working magic again. Always a delight




Watching this thread with interest.  Also, I really like the Savior's skin tone. 


Red and photography work almost like White and photography to me.  They seem to intensely dislike each other.  Although more highlights cannot hurt here.

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