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Corporea's 2015 Miniatures, jan-april


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It is nice just to have fun!  Although I will bring this one to reapercon for the diorama category.  I think it tells enough of a story.  And I think it's done so I'll go put it in showoff.  Although I'm having some trouble with my light setup right now... sigh.


In the meantime, I've been working on my Hasselfree 40mm Artemis!


Linked for boobies...




I decided to do this in an olive green scheme.  Here's the base in progress:



I'm using the same colors for both the base and the miniature- walnut brown, mahogany brown, forest green, olive green, fair skin, linen white, chestnut gold and a bit of palomino gold.  I made it with a combination of hirst arts bits, sculpey and greenstuff.

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More progress on Artemis!  She's still detachable until I finish blending the skin and layering the base.




I thought I might put a quick freehand step-by-step in since I worked on the shield today. First I shaded the shield and added a freehand border.  Artemis is cunningly hiding behind the shield so pics:


I had this idea to make an even more complex pattern and then I realized that was crazy.  So, simple is better!


Next, painting the Bull.  First, I marked the center of the shield in a light color.  then I put the eyes in the center and sketched in the shape of the face.



More sketching, making sure the sides are even and it takes up the whole shield.



Then head is done so I'll shade it with the olive and walnut brown.



And where we stand at the moment!


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