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I really like the glossy tongue and the dull, weathered metal. Works very well.


I need to get cracking on my huge-based Legion pieces...I've been considering just sweeping all my current projects away and only working on things on 75mm+ bases this year, but I think that would get old in a hurry.


Have you played with the Throne, yet?

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Not yet, I only just finished a few days ago and haven't played a game since I started painting it. It has a spot in my next game with Thagrosh the Messiah. Unlike the Archangel which I painted over a year ago, clueless on how to use and get it on the table. Also, I felt the Throne model was much, much tougher to paint and I dry brushed most of the metal to speed things up.


I have  1 more Collossus being the MegaRockyOrboros whatever it is called.


I don't know about stopping to paint the big stuff. I did that and all the little stuff built up on me.  I made an oath to just take care of what I assembled over the past few months siting on my table whether it is for gaming or not. 1st, being PP, Reaper and other miscellaneous models.

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That's one big ugly nasty looking and beautifully painted beastie, fantastic job on everything and the tongue rocks ;)

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Wow! That thing is freakin' huge!! I think you did a really great job on it. I too like the glossy tongue.

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That...  wow.  Unholy abomination wants a hug... and it wants to EAT YOUR FACE! 


Excellent work, nicely painted and the tongue looks wet.  That's an interesting, moderately terrifying thought.

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The contrast between the tongue and the white snowy base is striking!

If you look close enough you can see the heat of its breath.


well not really, but that is what it looks like to me against the snow

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iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight up the top.




Although really it's more of a plinth. But that doesn't sound awesome, does it? And your opponents will be all snicker snicker, "what, clawth? I thought it attackth with itth plintherth!" *nippy pincer hand motions*

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      The last of my recent work. This month I felt like tackling a few drow for practice, I have a set of raging hero's dark elves been dying to do but first want to get really comfortable painting drow so ran across him in my old figures and my mind instantly whispered DROW.

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      The sword simply would not stay glued to the skull I placed the tip at. That is the power of Bones plastic memory for you. I should have heat treated the thing to position it correctly before painting. Oh well. No matter.
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