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New Pics in Previews

Reaper Ron

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Well that was kind of depressing. When I heard IMF bulldog I was think of a real bulldog in space outfit :-(


Didn't someone already do a humanoid bulldog in a spacesuit?

Yes. Hasslefree, coincidentally.

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Oh, it says right there in Boneyard...Bulldog and Mastiff.  Suuure...



The only mastiff I ever saw IRL looked like a regular dog photoshopped to 175%. Maybe 200%.


I am ... doubtful of those breed identifications.

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I'm glad to see the animals.  My only critique is that the goat is almost as big as the cow.  That is a big goat! Or a small cow?


Little of each.  Modern goats are getting smaller and modern cows are bigger.  These are modeled after Medieval breeds.



I was only going ::o: over the Temple dragon but I HAVE to get the animals after reading about all the thought you put into making this set so historically honest. Bravo. Major kudos. 


Notify "on".  :lol:

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