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I'm not to sure how I happened to do this.. but somehow; I have been chipping at this miniature

off and on, all day.  I put down my brush and said.. OMG.. I'm DONE...

Have to figure out if I am going to do a base, or just accept that muddy base it came with.

I am trying to only do custom bases on Unique things, as I can't use them in Diorama's if I go with all

those custom bases. 


So here is the Horde Warrior.

He has purple eyes, with hot pink pupils.  LOL






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I'd spruce up the base (of course). Maybe try out some of the water effects I sent your way, make little muddy or bloody pool near him?

ETA: Also, if you have some bones figures, you can use them as basing bits since they are easy to cut up. Do quick speed-paints of some body parts or whatever and attach to his base.

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I'd spruce up the base (of course). Maybe try out some of the water effects I sent your way, make little muddy or bloody pool near him?

ROFL...You know Ub3r...

How do you do that.

I was sitting at my desk looking at base going.. hmmm....Water effects with muddy and green water, with maybe mold growing in it, all around their base ???

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... and there you go reading my mind !!!!  LOL

Nice call...

I'll probably do that.

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Love that you did something so different, Jay! He's turned out great and I can't wait to see these basing plans come to life!

Thanks Guindyloo !

I'll probably base him over the weekend, and post in show offs on Monday.

This was such a surprise, since I constrain myself doing the TBM miniatures with Heraldry Rules.

Since I actually have a real coat of arms, I'm a bit retentive about such things.

This mini was totally liberating, no rules, just hey!  Lets Play !

I loved it once I could pop those muscles !

Thanks for your comment !

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Thanks Corporea !

Will start working on basing a little bit later today.

This is such a fun sculpt to paint (and it has a few very very good challenges to it).

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Basing is Underway.

I thought I would post the first thing I did this morning when I got up.

Setting him up to be attached to the base, and seeing what I can do with him.

Here is my basing Prep.

I'll wait until tomorrow to drop him in the Show Off Forum.

(I should be done by then).





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Wow! Nice to see you doings something completely different, even if I did miss most of the "in progress" part of it.

Thanks LittleBluberry !

This has been SO MUCH FUN to paint.

NO Rules, Nothing that says I have to use certain colors.

I have had a Raving Party doing this.

Its complex, but logical. 

I have the Miniature done now, just waiting for tomorrow to post.

I should have done one of these a long time ago (though I will still do some more Meirer sculpts of 25mm).

They keep me learning brush control !

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