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I ran a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign based on the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga and Anime.  Using reaper figurines, I tried to customize things to make the characters true.



In my adventure I changed his name to Wilbur, but fans of the series will recognize Selim Bradley.  Just used a village boy



I found that the Undead Mound when painted properly gave the right effect to show how sinister he could be.



Then I bough all the tentacles Reaper offers to make his tendrils.  Most were too thin to try and put eyes on, but as a game mechanic, they worked great.




Had to include envy, just an actual production figure, I got lazy looking for one for him/her



Sloth came out great.  Was a Reaper Clay Golem to start.



Guttony was simply the Reaper Bartender.  Couldn't find a fat guy figurine I liked.



Lust was the Reaper Strumpet, of course.



Wrath was the Reaper Elladan Ranger Figurine.  Filled his eye out with some gel super glue, then painted the patch over it, it looked pretty good.  He was a little warped at his base though and is always leaning.  Just a touch of grey in the hair and he looked good.  Painting the tiny mustache was a pain too.



Father I used an actual Dungeons and Dragons Bodak Figure, unfortunately couldn't find one through reaper I quite liked for this.



Heinkel and Darrius.  Heinkel was a Reaper Lion Man figure and Darrius Reaper Ghast figurine.  Used a little glue to texture the Ghast figurine as fur, then build the same around the face for a Planet of the Ape's style look.  Just a touch of paint and he came out really good.



Von Hohenheim and Solf J. Kimbley.  Von Hohenheim is an old Ral Partha figure, I just used my trusty gel superglue to create his beard and pony tail, very proud how that came out.  Kimbley is the Reaper Max Decker Private Eye Figure.  He was perfect as is.

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Thanks, Using that story it became quite the campaign.  A lot of unique twists and turns too.  It definitely took on a life of it's own, and while staying true to it's source story, became an entirely unique experience as it went on.  A tribute to the great players we had and their unique characters.

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