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Rose tutorial

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I need you to stop being better than me at everything. Kkthx.

Just accept that Corporea is awesome. It's easier, and leads to a happier life

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*clears his throat*


Ahem, I mean, this is awesome, someone should do something cool about keeping it easy to reference on the Forum.  :;):

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Amazing, thanks so much Corporea! I like that you put in a few different things to try, I have a feeling I'll have a lot of roses before I get one I like :p


I think the toughest part will be getting one small enough to look good on a Stephanie Law DSM mini, they're so graceful and delicate-looking.

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try sculpting them separate, and then you can attach and touch up if needed!  You can always use the extras on the base mixed in with leaves or other elements.

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I'd probably do it in 2 parts- sculpt the flower, attach to the miniature.  Then take thin wire for the stem and attach to the other side- depending on the miniature you can drill to fit the wire in.  You could then coat the wire with either paint or greenstuff.  If you want it to look like a rose stem you'd need thorns, so the greenstuff would accomplish that.  You might be able to roll a very thin strip of greenstuff out for the stem and pluck at it with something like a dental tool or hook to pull out thorns.  This is hard.


The vines I used in this miniature were much thicker, so I was able to pull the thorns, but I'd be afraid in a thin unanchored strip it might be hard to accomplish.  Probably easier to just use a bit of wire and fake the thorns with some clever paint! (much like a freehand on a shield to mimic an embossed pattern)

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Thanks again. That bit at least was close to what I was considering. Why do I have to come up with difficult concepts? :p

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Oooh!  multiple choice quiz!

a) subconciously you want to continue to learn and improve, flowering into an even more awesome painter

b) it prevents brain stagnation

c) you are a masochist

d) it seemed like a good idea at the time...



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