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Skybourne: A Pathfinder Campaign Setting


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Already past the first stretch goal

About this project


Skybourne is a broken world of high adventure that borrows as much from Firefly as the Forgotten Realms. In Skybourne, teams of adventurers seek out the remains of long-dead civilizations while doing everything they can to keep their airship fixed and fueled. In Skybourne, displaced dragons, sentient plants and Aasimar kings all do battle to carve out their piece of a new world order, and any ship crew can traverse the planes in search of glory if they have the guts and the equipment to make the trip. The World of Skybourne

Skybourne is an adventure setting that takes place at the close of one era and the beginning of another.

When the great forest grew, it destroyed everything that had come before it. Millennia of civilization was irrevocably lost as the entire surface world was consumed. Some fled underground or to the ocean, finding refuge in the kingdoms of the drow or the merfolk. Some fled to the mountain tops, the deserts and the frozen wastelands, finding refuge in terrain where not even the forest could grow. Some even fled across planar boundaries, huddling as refugees in strange and foreign worlds. And others took to the skies, transplanting towns, cities, and kingdoms to the clouds where not even the forest could reach.

Skybourne is a world where adventurers are the first and last line of defense of a host of emerging cultures, where the battles of Law and Chaos are just as important as the battles of Good and Evil in the fight to control the world's destiny, and where whole worlds worth of lost wonders wait to be found.

In Skybourne, the old world has passed, and the new world belongs to whoever has the strength to take it.


The purpose of this kickstarter is to fund the first three books in the Skybourne line: Andrus: The City of Men, Woodfaring Adventures, and The Player’s Guide to Skybourne.

Andrus: The City of Men: Andrus is the last great city of the planet's surface. Founded in a crater not even the forest could claim, creatures the world over travel to Andrus to discuss their discoveries and seek their fortunes. Demon lords, dragon riders, merfolk traders, sentient plant creatures; anything and everything finds its way to Andrus eventually, and a thousand clans, cultures, and factions are constantly locked in battle for control over this last, great holdout of a bygone world.

Woodfaring Adventures: This book details the dangers of the forest and the treasures lurking within. From the relative safety of the treetops, to the dangers of the forest floor, to the inexpressible horror of the cryptwoods, this book details monsters, dungeons, and everything else a team of adventurers might encounter as they explore a dangerous new world.

The Player’s Guide to Skybourne: The Player’s Guide to Skybourne details airships and vehicles, new skill uses and player options, adventuring equipment, and everything else an adventurer needs to make their way through the world of Skybourne. With both completely new options and expanded and updated versions of some of our previous content, The Player's Guide to Skybourne details a host of player options for spicing up any campaign.

Each of these books can be used to begin exploring the Skybourne world, or may be easily adapted and applied to a host of other fantasy worlds, plotlines, and adventures. Stretch Goals

Now that we have passed our initial funding goal, it's time for stretch goals!


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