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77072: Bailey Silverbell

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The problem with the highlights on the cloak is actually the thickness of them

Technically true, but it's one of those quirks of paint ingredients. Anything with the basic white pigment included throws me almost every time, normally I just glaze midtones to fix it after.


That paint is as thin as what I had been using all afternoon, and it's a great demonstration of the strong opacity of that white pigment.


Chuckle, the physical thickness, or width, of the paint at each highlight. 

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Thanks for sharing this and reminding us you're human :)

I keep telling you folks! :)


I'm glad for some of the discussion this has spawned, as there are a lot of things brought up that have been on my mind in general. Even if I'm not stoked about the paint, I am about the conversation.


I've never tried wet blending, another thing to try out at some point!


wet in wet is stupid easy and for me shaves hours off of a paint job.  it does take getting used to but a day of practice and its easy.  After that its repetition and brush control......


Definitely try it.

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Chuckle, the physical thickness, or width, of the paint at each highlight.

Disagree, I wouldn't use a thinner highlight on cloth, lest it read as shiny.


More intermediate layers and better blending and it would've been fine like that...and defeated the purpose :p

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      Sandra Garrity makes some of my favorite Dwarves, and the detail on this one stood out. It doesn't show up much in the picture, but there are some Norse Futhark runes on the blade of the sword in blue that only appear if I rotate the figure 45% left or right. Also, I love dwarves in green. 

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      Apologies that this one isn't Reaper, but I am super stoked with how it turned out and really wanted to share.
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