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Alguaciles (Cornrow) - Corvus Belli

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Pretty basic. Red was based in HD Crimson Red, then layered with Gory Red and Fresh Blood. Blacks and greys were just the stormy grey triad. Skin was dark skin triad with a little tanned on top. OSL was white and led blue.

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Thanks, folks!


I can't take much credit for the skin tones, I copied something Schubert did in the class on expressive faces. I've yet to get the expressive face part, but at least I could improve my darker skin tone game!


I should take another pic from higher, I like the quick and dirty base I did. Trying to riff on the Giraldez's studio paint job rusty starship style base and I think for a first attempt it came out cool. The caution stripe was meant to be subtle and dirty, maybe a little too much.

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Wow very nice job again. You painting a whole group in that color scheme?

Eventually, yeah. It worked out pretty well. Keep it basic.



NIce, I really like that pose he is in! CORNROW!

It's a weird pose, because he's walking with both feet lifting at opposite ends, and he's leaning forward a bit. I like it, but from a couple angles it's a bit off.
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How did you find him to assemble?


The words "not pretty" might best sum up my experiences with him so far. My personal copy should arrive Monday and I get to give it a go from the start (and not have to sculpt a hand..), but I'm curious how you found him.

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