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Evilhalfling's Resolutionay Challenge January


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I got a new vampire box of bones, from the friend who talked me into buying one in the first place.

So now I get to repaint all the minis I painted when I was just starting.  


is now 



This guy is a repost, now with gold bracers.  He is from mice and mystics board game (I only bought the figures)  and has gone from hero to villain  In my campaign he is known as "The Lord of Cats" 



This figure will shortly serve as a Dire Lion, so I wanted to paint him as cat like as possible. Ill post the earlier (hellhound version) after I get a new picture of him. 



 I think I completed hound in late 2013, shown is a second attempt at the him, the first was terrible. and thankfully has no photos. 


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I think the main differences are the thickness of the paint, when I started it was always too thick. I did very little shading on the kobolds this time around, mostly its real shadows. I even used metallic paint instead of taking the time with NNM.  My photography set up has improved, showing the details better. 


That and the weapon conversion. One of the arms is mostly greenstuff, with a reused hand and a new sword. I was going for an arm, but ended up with a sleeve instead. I am more proud of the attempt than the result. 

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